GCE A Level General Paper Class


The GCE A Level General Paper class is specially geared to prepare students for their final A level Cambridge exams. The General Paper is a demanding paper which not only requires students to have complete control over writing expertly on key subjects but it also requires students to have a keen interest in world affairs. Knowledge of current affairs is a must and together with that, an acquisition of sophisticated vocabulary words which border on journalistic and rhetorical writing in absolutely necessary. At Wizpals, students are taught to answer on every kind of genre for the GP paper. Even those who do not read much will be given so much of exercises in international news that students will feel empowered to write expertly on any number of areas. Writing skills will be honed and polished consistently until the students will perform at their optimum best. General Paper is a demanding paper but with time and practice, it can be a paper that will yield you the top grades which you need to enter the university of your choice. 

  1. Students will be given the latest news and coverage of world affairs for every lesson.
  2. All comprehension passages are originally written by the tutor with anticipation of questions which will appear for the exams that year.
  3. Students will have to attend workshops which are complimentary only for regular students where they will consistently learn sophisticated and impressive words which are needed to write dynamic essays. 
Picture of Vanita Pal

Vanita Pal

BA Hons, MA

Vanita Pal has been teaching for more than 30 years and has written 8 books. 2 of them are bestsellers. Find out how to make every word you write count. It will make a difference in attaining success.



Select this class to prepare for the GCE A-Level Exam. This class is a 2-year long class.

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