IGCSE Secondary 3 English Class


The secondary 3 year for the IGCSE student is an important one. Students are expected to be ready for their final exams the following year and therefore, a certain level of competency is required. In terms of visual texts, comprehension, summary writing, writing essays and conversing confidently, the student is expected to meet every aspect of the examination criteria. The preparation that is made during this year is crucial as intensive learning and practice is done at Wizpals. All students are expected to complete a certain quota of work in order to meet their exam requirements. Tests are done so that the students will be aware of their standards long before they sit for their final exams. 

Make that call to talk to the tutor about your child’s English standard or area of concern. The tutor will set a date for the preview. 

You will need to determine the following:

  1. Face to face class or
  2. Zoom class.

After that, attend the preview and find out what needs to be done. 

Make that call or go to the Contact Page and email the tutor. 

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Vanita Pal

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Vanita Pal has been teaching for more than 30 years and has written 8 books. 2 of them are bestsellers. Find out how to make every word you write count. It will make a difference in attaining success.




Select the plan that works best for you. 

  • $320/month for face-to-face classes
  • $300/month for Zoom classes
face-to-face CLASS
Virtual Zoom CLASS

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