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#1 English Tuition Singapore's Vision - Change is the end result of all true learning

Writing allows you to communicate clearly with others and is a skill that can be learned with practice. When you have the right formula, levelling up is not impossible!

Using our English tuition Singapore system, we have been educating hundreds of students and professionals to enhance their writing skills with the purpose of either improving their grades or being able to communicate effectively in a more professional manner at work.

Confidence comes when you are able to express yourself clearly and it also helps in giving them that booster shot during public speaking. Effective and fluent expression of oneself projects a positive image and impression to the people you interact with, verbally or in writing. 

When you truly learn that there are techniques to help you succeed no matter how challenging the paper is, that is when you see real and impactful change that goes beyond the student life. 

This is our core vision at Wizpals and we want to bring real, positive and impactful change to our students’ lives. Are you ready to see the change too?

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Popular English Tuition Singapore Classes

Our English tuition Singapore classes are tailored for Secondary-level and A-level students or for working professionals looking to improve their communication skills, be it verbal or written form.

English is the primary language for communication in the millennial age and business world. When you can speak and write well, it gives yourself a powerful and confident aura which in turn makes people trust you naturally because you can express yourself clearly. Look at the politicians when they give their election speeches and you know what we mean. 

We have a tested and proven English tuition Singapore system and our founder is the author of 8 Amazon Best Selling English Assessment Books! She will be able to help you pinpoint the blind spots and improve your grades in an efficient manner. You do not need to struggle alone anymore in the dark, trying to find or think of the best way to improve. For professionals who need to use fluent English in the marketplace, it has brought better career prospects and growth.

Wizpals is passionate about helping students to improve their English grades and we leave no man behind. Till date, we have helped over 5,000 students to achieve good grades or improve their English writing and speaking skills with our winning system. It puts you on the fast track where you know exactly how to wing it to get good grades aka knowing what the examiners want. How cool is that?

The weaker students will be able to see improvements in their grades within a short period of time and the better students will consistently maintain their grades or score well in their English papers. You may want to check out our blog where we provide tons of tips and know how on scoring well in the Secondary English and A-level English papers. 

Please see below for our most popular classes, customised especially for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them! 

GCE O-level

Excel in your O level English, GP exams with secret strategies that ensure complete success

GCE A-level

Prepare for A-level exam with our strategies and methods to answer. There is no need to spend time reading tomes of books