English Composition: 2 Best Practices To Level Up The Writing

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I have often been asked what sort of secret strategy which I use in English composition to inveigle the readers into believing my every word.

I can answer that in one word. 


No, I am not talking about Jane Austen’s novel of the same name. 

I am referring to the powerful art of persuading someone to believe in your credibility. 

When you write something in English composition, you write to appeal to someone’s empathy. 

The reader should ‘empathise’ with you in English composition. 

The power of the written word where many have boasted is mightier than the sword, will be meaningless otherwise.

Writing itself is a process, it is a psychology of entering another person’s mind and knowing in advance what they think and feel. 

You are using your words as missives to dexterously bend and nurture the reader into thinking that you have a point. 

The ultimate reason why anyone writes at all is to ‘influence’ the reader. 

The reader must be inside your womb, your story, your world which you created from the vivid recesses of your mind.

english composition

Use reading resources for English composition writing

The best strategy which I managed to rummage from my fervid imagination is to have reading resources. 

You need to have some sort of resources at hand. 

The resources should be an active ingredient in catalysing the chain of action in your English composition. 

No one can write without resources. 

The best writers have been influenced by other writers who were famous before them. 

Did you know that Shakespeare was influenced by the Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio who was known for his masterpiece, ‘The Decameron’? 

Yes, he was. 

English playwrights were influenced by European writers during the 15th century except for a few such as Ben Jonson. 

In most works, the subtle reaches of another greater work could always be detected. 

It could have been part of the plot or the way the character was worked into the dramatization to achieve a moral resolution.

Reading helps you to form strategies in ways you would have never imagined in English composition. 

Why does it spur someone to conjure parts that add up to a greater sum? 


All writers are journeymen. 

They explore vast realms and terrains in their imaginations which exceed the maps of our existence. 

There is always that limitlessness where the boundary is pushed to reveal something else just beyond the perimeter of the known. 

This is fascinating to everyone.

The power of the written word has compelled everyone even in the age of digital technology. 

This is the era where publishing companies are forced to take to digital books as a way of preserving their business. 

Still, there are writers who have prevailed even in such barren circumstances. 

Dan Brown and James Patterson somehow have managed to ride the tide and their books are still in the top 10 bestsellers list.

The power of the written word will never go out of style, provided that you know what it takes to impress in English composition.

Having said that, I have to digress slightly and admit that to leave out the media, especially at a time like ours, will not be entirely truthful.

Use media sources for English composition writing

Media influence can have a great effect on one’s mind and now with several media sources, it can be an endless belt of experiences that we can live through vicariously. 

There are great stories that are told on Youtube where people recount ‘real-life’ experiences. 

Instagram always has followers who maintain a strong devotion to their idols and the goings-on of these people are a major source of news. 

The young generation of today is more influenced by new media than any other source.


It is scintillating, awe-inspiring, provoking and stimulating all at the same time. 

The wealth of experiences told through ‘street language’ can impress a young person’s mind far more than any prolific author’s best sellers. 

This is the language of today’s world. 

The actions are new and ‘cool.’ 

They tell the story of today’s generation and every word is eagerly lapped up.

If you are careful, you will notice that there is a great deal of storytelling in the new media. 

All of the celebrities, bloggers and news people tell you something. 

It could be a part of their own lives or something which they predict. 

No doubt these are their own views based entirely on a whim but they inspire an entire generation of people.

As students, you can gain raw material for your English compositions by observing the way they tell their stories. 

How do they weave a ‘flashback’ into their narrative? 

What are the words which they use to impress? 

You will be surprised at their lexical mastery. 

Not all of them are the weird figures which they use as a guise. 

That is merely an image. 

Beneath that weird hairdo, clothes and setting lies a very sharp, little mind indeed. 

That mind is tapped into exactly what the young generation wants and it keeps peddling out stories and snippets to keep you riveted.

Take a page out of their media bulletins and you will notice how you can use the same approach in your English compositions. 

Remember, the main idea is to impart a freshness to your writing even though the plot may not be original. 

By the end of the day, you would have achieved a composition with depth and a fresh new appeal that will inspire any reader. 

These are simple steps and you would not have found a blog like this elsewhere. 

That is why you should follow my tips and get started on a brand new style of writing.

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