Secondary 3 English Singapore: How To Quickly Identify And Use Language Powerfully For Speculating About The Future

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When you write Secondary 3 English essay, you will need to write subjectively. 

Points of reference to the escalating events or trending actions today and predictions about the future have to be made. 

That is what is expected of you when you write anything, even when it is more subjective such as narrative topics.

The more accurate your points of reference, the better your style will be. And you know that style contributes to your marks in Secondary 3 English. 

The language which you choose to write with is like your lodestar. It should point yourSecondary 3 English essay in the direction you wish it to.

Ok. How do you identify the right type of language?

And how do you use language to speculate about the future?

I will address both of these points in my blog today.

What is the right type of language?

secondary 3 english

The right type of language in Secondary 3 English subjective writing should have these features:

I) It should be current

The current language is when you use words and phrases which are suitable to our context today. 

The present context is about issues that define our society. Read up about this or watch some documentaries.

If you wish to write about culture and food, pick words like cuisine or fusion food. Calorie count and ‘diet friendly’ food will be interesting words that can add value in your writing.

Note that I have taken these words from trending topics. 

These are current ideas so the words are current. 

Current words should reflect the way people talk and think these days.

II) It should pinpoint events that are targeted at the question

The right type of language in theSecondary 3 English essay should always include keywords.

Ok. Keywords are the most important words from the question. 

They reflect the urgency in the question and the way you are expected to base your answer. 

Paraphrase the keywords and be careful in the way you select them. 

Make sure that you choose your examples and opinions based on these keywords which pinpoint the question.

III) It should be subjective without being rambling

Subjective writing is based on your own thoughts regarding that subject. 

You will need to make sure that your subjective thoughts meet these criteria:

a) It should be based on accurate accounts

b) It should be filled with wisdom

c) It should be philosophical

Subjective thoughts are your own thoughts and evaluation of the set of your experiences. 

Subjective thoughts reveal how you have progressed in life and determine what should be done based on the value of your own experiences. 

In short, subjective thoughts determine the richness and variety of your opinion.

When do we speculate about the future?

And what is the future?

Ok. No one knows the future but we can make predictions based on past and present trends.

Whatever we think may happen in the future is based on our assessment of the present. 

The future can be very accurately predicted this way as we have seen this happen before.

When you write aSecondary 3 English essay, you are expected to make predictions about what you think may happen in the future based on what has happened. 

For example, technology today will definitely escalate to include artificial intelligence (AI) in almost every sphere of our lives whether it is for work or for our personal needs.

Now, it does not take a fortune teller to predict this, but this is a prediction that almost everyone is acquainted with. 

Such future speculations are needed when you write an argumentative or expository topic that will reflect the way we think about evolving issues in society.

Identifying the right type of language and speculating about the future are two interesting features that you may use to add variety, depth and intellectual impact to yourSecondary 3 English essays. 

You will need to rely on strategies and devices in order to enhance your style and standard. 

In due course, your essay writing will yield results and you would have discovered a new way of writing for the better.

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