Secondary 1 English – 5 Keys To Writing An Impressive Composition

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Do we not want to write a Secondary 1 English composition that makes people want to read on without stopping?

Your composition should be a page-turner.

Albeit, it is short, I know but you can still make the reader riveted to every word.

Does it sound too good to be true?

I have news for you.

This can come true for your Secondary 1 English if you follow my 5 ‘super-duper’ keys.

All you have to do is to visualize what I am trying to explain.

Are you ready?

Key #1 – All Secondary 1 English compositions will delve into the narrative genre

You will be asked to write on reflective, personal recount, and narrative topics.

So, what you will really need is a good idea on how to go about this.

The first tip is to understand the Secondary 1 English question. This means the keywords.

“Write an account of a responsibility that you had to face.”

The keywords will be ‘responsibility’ and ‘face’.

You will need to think about different types of responsibility and choose one that is easy for you to write.

Next is facing it. How did you face it or deal with it?

Once you define these keywords, you will also have an idea about how to proceed with the story.

Sometimes, the topic is rather simple such as “A mistake.”

The question is straightforward and you can simply think about a way to approach the mistake you want to write about.

secondary 1 english

Key #2 – Think of the ending of your story

The second tip is rather unusual but it is the most effective. 

If you had chosen the responsibility question, visualize how facing up to it will mean that you felt satisfaction, earned respect, and became more independent.

The second one about the mistake could end in learning something. 

Think about becoming better because of the mistake and how it made you wiser or something along those lines.

Why do you need to think of the ending first?

Most professional writers do that. It helps to ‘settle’ the story. 

What I mean is that you can work the story backward and have a neat story template that makes sense. 

There will be no chance for loose ends and everything will fall into place in yourSecondary 1 English composition.

Key #3 – Always have an idea about the ‘challenge’ in the story

A story without a problem or challenge is a story that is not worth telling.

You will need to think of a challenge that is truly arresting and rather mind-blowing. 

It has to disrupt all preconceived notions and be totally unexpected.

The challenge should be something that no one predicted.

Just think of those Marvel movies or stories that kept people riveted to the screen.

The ending is always spectacular and the climax is totally unpredictable.

Key #4 – Brush up on your vocabulary and ‘wise sayings’

Having a good store of idioms, sound vocabulary words, and quotes can really help especially when you are aiming for an impressive introduction inSecondary 1 English.

Look out for words and phrases that are easy to memorize and recall. 

These words should be easy to spell and use in a sentence.

Always make sure that you practise making sentences before you attempt to use them in an essay. 

You will be more confident that way.

Key #5 – Finish the composition with a fabulous conclusion

This is the part when the examiner will read and grade you inSecondary 1 English. 

You will have to finish with an impactful proverb or learning experience.

You could finish with a learning journey experience where you realized the meaning of the entire experience. 

Always reveal that the experience left you with the wisdom to face the future. 

This is not only revelatory but leaves no room in the reader’s mind that it was a composition worth reading.

These are 5 simple tips for you to explore in Secondary 1 English. 

This may be a daunting year for you as you transition from primary school to secondary school but if you are armed with the necessary tools, writing can be a rewarding experience.

Good luck with your writing and keep using these tips till they become second nature to you. 😊

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