Social Media In Secondary 1 English Singapore: How to easily use appropriate and varied grammar to talk about real and unreal situations and in literature

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In order to understand how to write about real and unreal situations using appropriate grammar, we will need to examine social media and literature.

Social media is big news today and it has extended to all parts of the world. That means that youths all over the world will be playing more or less the same games, get the latest information and giggle over inane remarks on the same chat platforms. 

There is hardly a youth who is without a pair of earbuds. This simply means that all youths are plugged into the same social beat and spend every minute of their recreation glued to similar features on their devices. Social media has taken the world by storm, especially millennium youths more so than anyone else.

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Real And Unreal Situations

Well, if everyone is plugged into social media, the language has to be current and very modern. Nothing is totally real and yet it is unreal too. Social media is a recorder of what we do today and it is futuristic too. 

People exploit social media to advertise their products and services or to get followers for that strangely viral video. It is an exploitative device at worst and at best, it is a tool that taps into the bloodstream of all activities in the world. The grammar used can be erratic. It is the language of the current generation today. 

No matter how the grammar may be, the words are compelling and they attract us no matter what we may be doing at that moment. 90% of youths are on Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp. When alerted to a new post or tweet, it takes about 20 to 25 minutes for the average user to return to their original task. 

30% of the time, it takes two hours for the user to return to their original task. Youths today are more easily distracted in their studies and it is only the high achievers who are able to maintain their focus despite the distractions.

The Ugly Real Side Of Social Media

Youth lifestyles and culture have gradually undergone a change as mobile phone and internet technology improved. The most negative aspects regarding youths’ lifestyles are that it becomes easier for them to cheat in their schoolwork, they are more prone to being cyberbullied, they spend a lot of time uploading private information on Facebook and there is a higher use of profanity.

The Learning Tool

Social media is an active online learning medium because it is evergreen. It never goes out of style and it is always spewing forth information in the most captivating way possible. No one gets tired of social media and that is really one of the reasons why situations in social media can actively contribute to the imagination of students. You can always find a variety of topics to write on using social media. And there is something for everyone.

Literature Using Social Media

The more positive lifestyle change is that youths are able to access information which means that they may be able to read online books and access data for their schoolwork. Most students prefer to download their literature text from social media using one of their apps and read it online.

Literature may not be such an outdated subject after all. With social media, Shakespeare is made easy and students are able to actively learn about the Bard in a manner that is totally refreshing.

Improving your writing using social media is actually one of the more entertaining ways to do so. The language and grammar are always current and extremely relatable. Nothing is really out of style and the context is always evolving. I hope you will use this method to gain insightful moments in your exploration of essay writing content.

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