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Secondary 3 is a bit like the prelude to Secondary 4.

Almost everything that you do in your Secondary 3 years will be repeated in Secondary 4.

The syllabus is the same for English and the only change is the importance of your exam in Secondary 4 aka O levels.

All the Secondary 3 English topics will be preparatory for Secondary 4. It will just be repeated the following year with renewed emphasis.

Let us take a look at how you will be preparing, shall we?

One of the easiest ways is to target those topics which will be used throughout your preparatory years. 

Why waste time doing everything though that is good practice?  If you target what you need to do, it will be less tedious for you and you can maintain your Secondary 3 English grades easily.

I will be outlining 6 popular topic categories which are a ‘sure thing’ for your Secondary 3 English composition paper

I mean that you can be sure that you will be preparing for it and it just may appear in your O level English exam paper!

Popular Topic #1 – Experiential 

Have you come across thoseSecondary 3 English topics that ask you to write about your experience and reflect on it?

Well, that is something that always appears in O level English exams. 

secondary 3 english

Preparing for experiential topics is one of the best ways to get geared up for your tests and exams.

Even if you prefer argumentative and expository topics, there is nothing wrong with Plan B, is it?

One of the most popular topics is writing about an experience where something wrong happened to you.

It could go like this. “Write about an experience where you failed at doing something.”

This is not that difficult to write provided that you have plotted out a good storyline.

Failure, obstacles, challenges, problems are all very popular composition topics and always appear in some form or another.

These are called safe bets and you can certainly place your bet on these.

Popular Topic #2 – Narrative/ Reflective

Ok. So, what if you are one of those students who detest narrative or reflective style of writing? 

You may make those your Plan B but you will need to write about topics that reflect your true potential.

Let us focus on expository topics. They usually include a lifestyle type of question. 

It could be about food, your choice of reading or even about your family life.

These are also very popular questions especially if family life/ relationships and friendships form the basis of these.

They are also easier to write about as you can draw from your own observations.

Popular Topic #3 – Media and Current Affairs

Another type of popularSecondary 3 English question is about the media. The media is always a popular category. 

It may be about cyberbullying, how the media presence affects us, popular media and usage, applications which teenagers use, or even about your favourite social media application.

These questions may either be argumentative or expository. 

But you will need to have solid observations of what is going on in society and be able to support your views with examples from the news.

These are very current topics and will always be popular. 

So, if you like these topics, just start observing what is going on in the media world and try memorising some of the more outstanding events.

Popular Topic #4 – Climate Change/ Environment

Ok. Other very popularSecondary 3 English topics are the ones about climate change and the environment. 

These are called ‘hot’ topics as they are always occupying the top spots in the news. 

The newspapers and media are full of stories about tornadoes, earthquakes, and sudden changes in the weather.

And we are always asked to use resources sparingly while paying attention to recycling. 

These topics require you to write points that are pertinent and current. 

Make sure that you have knowledge about exactly what you should recycle and why. 

Also, be sure to keep up with the latest changes in the world so that you can sound confident when you write yourSecondary 3 English paper.

Popular Topic #5 – Descriptive

The last topic I will mention is the descriptive topic. These are easy to score provided that you are able to write points relating to exactly what theSecondary 3 English question asks.

Questions on this topic will ask you to describe your neighbourhood or how you find that living there is convenient for you. It may ask you to write about the amenities in your community or the services provided.

These are all community-type of topics and they are easy to write as you do not need to memorise statistics. 

However, you will need to write relevantly and mention examples which the question requires. 

If you tend to narrate your own opinions only, it will be out of point. 

The challenge here is to keep to the requirement of the question. If you do, it is certainly easy to score well on this topic.

Popular topics will never go out of style. It will be wise to prepare these topics and get prepped up for your futureSecondary 3 English tests. Hope it works out well for you!

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