Secondary 3 English Singapore: How To Literally Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

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One of the foremost skills you should acquire when writing a Secondary 3 English essay is to know which essay to select.

As you know, there are a few genres for your selection but you cannot possibly write effectively for all of them.

Selecting the correct genre for yourself is the first important step to take in Secondary 3 English.

Whether it is argumentative or descriptive, knowing the difference and taking the time to choose the right one is the main key to writing successfully.

Read the question carefully. If it is an argumentative question, determine what it is asking you to decide.

Then determine what the rebuttal should be.

The third step is to draw up a checklist of the points you can write about.

Finding the right essay in Secondary 3 English

Finding the type of essay you are more suited for should be your first concern. Determine which genre you wish to select from. 

Next, choose your Stand and Points. Do you have enough? 

secondary 3 english

Then move on to content planning. Content planning is the next important task in Secondary 3 English. Organise your points in PEEL format starting from the most crucial point. You will need 3 to 4 points when writing a factual essay. 

You will need 3 pros and 1-2 rebuttals for an argumentative essay. This is the first step before you actually start writing.

Unlike a narrative and reflective essay, you will need evidence to back up your points. The more current your evidence, the better it will be for you. 

You may start with the most important point first and support it with evidence from a media source or observation. The evidence has to be clear, relevant and accurately written.

Story form of writing

When you are writing fictional essays or the narrative genre in Secondary 3 English, a story form of writing should be the basis for your writing. Try to write with an original plot. I know this can be difficult but you may borrow ideas from several sources. 

Next is the way you define the Plot. This should be clearly written without any loose ends. Aim for a highlight or climax if it is a narrative or just simply organise your points neatly. 

For a narrative essay, the story should wind down to a resolution followed by a concluding paragraph where you may sum up your views. The moral viewpoint should emerge right at the end and this should be done with some well-timed personal views and experiences if possible.

Writing a well-defined conclusion is necessary if you want to score well in Secondary 3 English. In both factual and narrative essays, the moral or summation at the end is absolutely necessary to create a dynamic finish.

Vocabulary and quotes

If you want to improve your skills further, you may want to think about your vocabulary. That is another way to impress your examiners apart from making sure you have a watertight template.

Writing with impressive quotations and proverbs is another way of getting off to a good start. Both can be used in the introductory paragraph or the concluding one.

Why do I think this is important?

It gives the examiner the sense that you are a well-read person. That is what you want them to think at any rate. If you really want to make the mark in Secondary 3 English, give the impression of having a great deal of knowledge. And the best way is to cite popular quotes or expressions from famous people.

My favourite tip is to memorise or use quotes extensively. You may use the same 2 or 3 quotes and practice them extensively in your weekly writing. When you perform in exams, these quotes will be second nature to you and your writing will be polished.

That is the way I like to impress my markers and it should be your concern too. Start developing your own unique style or flair in writing. Then practise. You will notice that your writing will appear to be smooth and sophisticated. You will be glad that you learned these skills. Good luck in your essay writing!

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