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There is no better way to learning than with some fun aids and they are the best ways to master English. 

Games are fun and they explore areas of a language that dry, everyday assessments rarely can.

Really? What about all those assessment books I bought?

You may well ask.

The truth of the matter is that our brain simply absorbs more stuff when you enjoy it than when you do it in a routine, punitive sort of way.

We are simply wired to gain more when we enjoy the task of learning. 

Our cerebral processing involves memory retention for the long term and short term. 

With tasks that are done in a relaxed, enjoyable way, the facts just get embedded faster.

Remember that game Cluedo? I still remember the word Conservatory. 

It is a room used for plants and has glass walls. It is located between the Ballroom and Billiard room in Cluedo and has a secret passageway to the Lounge. 

I had such fun playing this game, trying to outguess my paranoid family members that the word just sunk in.

And I remember learning the meaning of the word ‘mortgage’ from Monopoly. That’s right. I was only 10, what did you expect?

So, the question begs itself. Are you ready to have some online learning fun?

I have a list of my 3 favourite games to get you started on the best online learning route:


#1 – Scrabble

This is a really old-fashioned game, I know. I remember that it has a special dictionary and some people tried to memorise it. 

Yes. Scrabble is traditional but it works. It gets those brain synapses of yours rolling and connecting as you ponder on the maze of longitudinal and latitudinal arrangements of words. Fitting in a word inside this maze is the key.

And do you know what is the best part? It is online.

Yes, that is the great asset bestowed on us this millennium. We end up literally playing against the computer. What a way to go, isn’t it?

In case you are thinking that the computer will ultimately win, let me point out an obvious ‘pro.’

No one will know you have lost. 😊

The best part of online Scrabble is that the computer will rarely try to introduce those rarely used archaic words like Nudiustartian or Ulotrichous.  

If you play with a human counterpart, they may use them just to make sure you do not win.

By the way, Nudiustartian means the day before yesterday and Ulotrichous refers to people with curly hair. 😀

And I am betting that you would not have known this if not for this little bit of Scrabble. 

Imagine how your English will improve if you played this game a few times for learning instead.

#2 – Crossword Puzzles

These are all online and you can get an endless stream of subjects to choose from. It could be music, politics or even shopping!

Just choose and get yourself into the game. This ubiquitous game is an English creation from the 19th century, no doubt the brainwave of a newspaper editor intent on keeping the circulation going. 

What a game and just look how far it has come in learning!

Crossword puzzles are a loner game. You play against yourself so if you like sitting in a nook and pelting yourself with meanings of words that fit into the longitudinal and latitudinal box, go for it.

Much like Scrabble, this game is a wonderful way to improve not just your vocabulary skills but your general knowledge. The words revolve around all kinds of subjects and it could be an old-fashioned theme or the latest trend from our century. 

You will be hard-pressed to think in all directions, wondering which cross-section of the century or society this word was used. Though it is an English game, it also uses the latest trends from other parts of the world. 

American words are included and mean you should be familiar with trending words.

#3 – Word Machine

This is a newer learning game and it forces students to summon words from various genres and expects one to spell correctly. It is really a great pathway to learning new words and improving your spelling together.

The steps are simple and a student has to find 3 words with a given letter during each level. At the second level, another word will be given and by the 3rd word, 2 of the given letters should be used. 

This game has flexibility as you can use a variation of the word in an abbreviated form. It is more fun to play than the traditional games as you have to use the alphabets given correctly to form the word.

For secondary school students intent on improving their English with a little time to spare during a short break, this is an excellent way to move forward.

You do not have to buy anything. Everything is online so just get onto the website and start playing!

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