Studying With Music – 6 Awesome Spotify Playlists For You

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Well, we all know that studying and music go together. 

It has a way of stimulating our minds while we are occupied with doing intensive work.

According to experts, our brains are actually able to target specific forms of studies simultaneously without us even being aware of them. 

While we may devote our active minds to studying streams of texts, our subconscious minds could be digesting the music filtering through our Bluetooth earbuds.

Most of us do this unconsciously. We are not even aware that our minds can do both but the best part is this.

The subconscious mind plays a big part in helping the active part to receive information. 

And when we study in a happy mood, our information is stored better. 

We can recall it easier and we can apply it with little effort in our exams and tests.

I will be looking at a unique assembly of 6 awesome Spotify playlists which I hope will give you many hours of listening and studying pleasure. 😊

#1 – No Lyrics Mix

This is a list of songs without words. 

The effort taken in listening to this is considerably reduced and the effect is like a soft downy pillow nestling between your shoulder blades.

A no lyric song has no one singing and it is just the endless stream of melody reaching crescendos or circumventing gentle plateaus as it hits the right spots for relaxed listening. 

There is no concentration required. You’re not even aware it’s there. 

But it is there. And it is giving you a soft brain massage while studying.


#2 – Anime Music

This is a different kettle of fish. Anime music can be loud and vibrating. 

It is also mostly instrumental and the music is mostly Japanese instrumental or it has some singing. 

Most of them are based on popular anime tv shows which have a large fan base.

Anime music is a bit like listening to rock music a la Japanese style. 

This type of music is refreshing and invigorating. 

If you feel that you have been nodding towards slumber, this music will keep you pepped up and ready to take in your next stretch of studying. 

Your mood is revived and intoxicated with good vibrations from such music.

#3 – Fusion Music

Fusion music is an eclectic mix of Western and Eastern music. 

It can be rather unusual and appeal to those who like this brand of music. 

It all depends on what you like. 

Some can be soft and relaxing while others can be loud and reviving. 

Your mood should dictate what you want to listen to.

#4 – Jazz In The Background

This is one of my personal favourites. Jazz has always had its own faithful following. 

Today, we have a selection of serious jazz to relaxing jazz. 

Some are meant to put you in that mood where you feel you are sitting at a pub or café surrounded by people who love music.

One of the main aspects of jazz is that it can subdue or calm your emotions during studying. 

No matter what you may be feeling, it can gently form positive footnotes in your mind the way that drinking a glass of coca-cola can be. It just adds that fizz to your feeling.

#5 – Instrumental Music

Instrumental music can be from any genre. 

It can be ethnic music or your choice of favourite fusion music. 

There are many saxophonists and guitarists who have albums with nothing but the best instrumental repertoire.

It can be very gentle, like the lapping of the waves on the shore as you tuck into your study menu. 

Instrumental music has a wide range and you get the chance to pick what you like.

#6 – Movie Scores

Movie scores are an all-time favourite. 

Who does not like those famous theme songs? 

It could be the Jurassic Park theme song or the Star Wars theme song which is so recognizable no matter where you are. 

Such music serves to remind you of the theme from that movie and you relate to that satisfying feeling of being able to maneuver those difficult moments. 

It is nostalgic and haunting. Movie scores always elevate your studying mood and you will find it replenishing your brain of that much-needed enthusiasm.

Well, it certainly looks like music can impact us on different levels, does it not? 

We must have music in our DNA for it to have such a resonating effect. 

The moral of this? Stick to your Spotify playlist while studying. 

It can be a delightful and refreshing habit. And I hope it will serve you well. 😊

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