How to Figure Out If A Tutor Is A Good Fit For You

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Let’s say you are on the hunt for a tutor and you aren’t sure which one is the right fit. What do you do in that instance? We live in a tutor-friendly society and tuition is de rigueur when it comes to education, particularly in Singapore. No matter what the top elites say about too much tuition being a waste, a good tutor can help you tick off those grades in no time. Besides that, having a good tutor can really help you boost your confidence in studying, helping you breeze through school.

There is evidently an abundance of tutors these days. There are home tutors who are school graduates, tuition centre tutors who will drill you on worksheets until you become good at a subject, personalised tutors who will teach you one on one, and online tutors who teach you remotely. There are also tuition centres with big groups of students, or small groups of 2 to 3 so you still get their full attention from the tutor.

How to Figure Out If A Tutor Is A Good Fit For You

Before you commit to a tutor, here is a tried and tested method to figure out if the tutor is the right fit for you:

Request For a Trial Class or Assessment From the Tutor

This is the best way to know if the shoe fits. No matter how much the tutor has been recommended by others, finding one that you can easily comprehend is of paramount importance. Ask the tutor if he or she is willing to give you at least 30 minutes of assessment or a free trial. If they do not want to give an entire trial lesson for free, they can provide a short assessment instead and it can even be done via Zoom. Otherwise, if the tutor obliges to a trial class, try it out. You will know within the first 20 minutes if he or she is right for you.

Okay, but how would I know if the tutor is right for me? Here are several ways you can tell:

  • See if the tutor makes regular eye contact, and observe if he or she is friendly, patient, empathetic and kind.
  • If the tutor makes an attempt to understand your weaknesses and addresses them, that is an additional bonus. He or she should be able to quickly identify your skill level and pinpoint areas in which you are weaker at. Let the tutor gauge it themselves and see how they can help you.
  • Never engage a tutor who says you have to complete loads of assessment papers. Of course, practice makes perfect, but just spending hours doing exam-oriented worksheets won’t cut it. This is something you can also do on your own at home.
  • The tutor should be able to dish out some of his or her own methods or formulas, something that is unique and that works. Look out for unique skill sets and proven strategies that are unlike the ones you learned about in school. It should be adding value and not a repetition.
  • Additionally, these skills should work for you. Since you are already aware of your weaknesses, judge for yourself and decipher if these are going to help you.

How to Figure Out If A Tutor Is A Good Fit For You

At the end of the day, remember that it is you who will be benefitting from this tutor. The goal here is to be able to study more effectively and improve your grades. Therefore, it is crucial that you make the most of the initial few moments spent with this tutor during the trial period.

On the other hand, if the tutor doesn’t want to provide a free trial class, do not bother with the tutor. You are looking for someone who will concede to your needs, not the other way around. Always make sure you are also comfortable with the tutor before you engage or sign yourself up for something long term.

It is not that difficult to find the right tutor, but there is definitely preliminary work involved should you want to make it all the way to ace your final exams. All the best in searching for a tutor that is ‘the one’ for you!

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