How Does Joining A Drama Club Help Students?

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For most people who believe in sticking to the books, joining a drama club may sound like a waste of time. In Singapore particularly, we are dead serious about our education. But if we honestly acknowledge the skills that are really needed for the most intrinsic part of education, what would that be? Communication.

Communication is a subject that is the closest to English. An English teacher does not teach you how to communicate effectively. You are taught the basic rudiments of grammar and writing with analytical skills. Yes, there is oral and listening involved, but there are just the basics. They do not teach you, for instance, on ways to express your thoughts so that it grabs the attention of the listener. Drama clubs can help you do that, and we highly advocate for students to join one if possible.

Here are several reasons why:

How Does Joining A Drama Club Help Students?

How Joining a Drama Club Can Help You


Being part of a drama club helps you get over your nervousness. Most students have the knowledge but are really ghastly at presenting their ideas to others. It is in fact super common for students to be muttering and stumbling over words just to get their point across. Drama teaches a child to stand in front of an audience and address them, which automatically builds confidence and assertiveness. Imagine the very idea of standing before a large crowd and talking about something. It may be daunting, but drama gets you beyond that hurdle. Drama will help you become more self-assured and be able to speak from the heart.


Needless to say, drama has a way of forcing you to pronounce words with utter clarity. That is because no one will be able to understand you if you do not. You will be coached to enunciate clearly and to present yourself with confidence, moving naturally and elegantly. Drama means taking on a role and more often than not, adhering to a script very strictly. Thus, it is a really great way for you to get out of your shell and be in the present moment. The way you stand, or move across the stage to make a connection with those watching you is crucial. You will driven to behave with charisma and those who are involved with drama become better orators and communicators. These are skills that will be with you forever.

How Does Joining A Drama Club Help Students?


Those involved in drama are automatically more in tune with their creativity. Being able to express yourself and handle matters in an impromptu manner is a key part of drama techniques. No one can anticipate what will happen when you are onstage or playing a role. The best of actors have learned to act ‘impromptu’ which means that you have to be able to adapt to the situation at a given moment. This requires a lot of creativity.


Have you ever wondered how actors memorise their lines so flawlessly? It is only through practice. Learning and remembering the script requires memory work and continuous attention to the plan, including movements and actions. Everything you do when acting has to be planned beforehand and thought through. As a result, that really helps you strengthen your ability to memorise quickly and cultivate a sharper mind.

Connecting with People

You will quickly learn, through role playing, the different kinds of lives that people have. Their suffering, struggles, challenges, desires, and dreams will be keenly felt when you take on their role. In playing that part, you will suspend reality temporarily and take on the character of someone else. This will go a long way in helping you to empathise with and form a bond with others, which are both practical life skills.

In short, joining a drama club is not just about drama. It is about the skills you learn when you approach drama that will help you in embracing education in a profound way. Learning can be more fun and even rewarding when you learn some of the ropes of drama. Let us not forget that most of these skills will also be with you for life. That’s something, isn’t it?

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