How To Speak English With Confidence

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Speaking in English should be second nature to most of us if we were born or brought up in a place like Singapore, given that the main language is English. With that said, being able to speak English confidently means that you can just spout words effortlessly, streaming forth your opinions without faltering.

Well, there is only one way you can pull this off and that is through preparing. Yes, you would need to prepare or practice it repeatedly. You definitely cannot memorise in this case as speaking a language is organic. It comes from the heart when you address someone. Speaking is unlike writing. It demands that you assess ‘whom’ you are speaking to and adapt accordingly.

Speaking English with confidence is an art form. You need to do it with flair and pizzazz. You would need to have conviction regarding the fact that you have got something special that attracts others to listen to you, and present yourself accordingly. This means that you are equipped to speak differently based on the given situation.

You may speak differently to your neighbour in comparison to your peers at a workshop meeting. When it comes to delivering a speech, that too will be different even though you will have to do it ‘off the cuff’. You would need a good sense of self-esteem and be able to pull off whatever it is you want to say. It should resonate with your listeners and they should be able to respond accordingly. That is when you know you have had an effective conversation.

Speak English Confidently


Here are some simple tips for speaking confidently:

Speak Often to Those Who Speak Flawlessly and Effortlessly

This is the least demanding way to prepare and all you have to do is speak to those who talk really well. Even just listening will also get you very far. Those who speak English effortlessly usually have a few good phrases or idioms up their sleeves that resonate well with those who are willing to listen.

English phrases just flow off of them as if they were born to take the stage. They are usually perfectly at ease while being able to carry and lead the direction of the conversation, and they do it unconsciously and without thinking twice about it.

If you are wondering, “How do I speak like them?”, well, remember that everything takes time. Do not try to hurry the process and let yourself grow into it. Enjoy the moments and savour the words. Laugh when it is funny and understand the graver moments.

Your mind will pick things up and learn as you go along, and the more you do it, the more this will come naturally to you. More importantly, observe how others do it and practice accordingly. You need to do this regularly so you can start speaking confidently.

Consume English Entertainment

Another easy way for you to get better at speaking English is for you to be consuming English media programmes like television shows, movies, and podcasts. After all, it is always fun when you get to be entertained and learn something at the same time.

Get yourself in the habit of watching a documentary or a show about saving nature’s ecosystem. If you prefer something deeper, watch a biopic on a famous person. Such forms of media programmes often feature dialogues that are of great importance and weighty.

Listening to those who have trained themselves to speak professionally on camera is a great way for you to pick up the art of speaking accurately. You need to be sure of what you are saying and it is imperative that the message you are trying to deliver is being conveyed correctly.

Speak English Confidently

Speak English With Every Opportunity You Get

Everyone starts somewhere, but sometimes, there are negative people who may judge or criticise you without providing constructive criticism. That may kill your confidence even before it has a chance to take off. Be wary of those kinds of people.

With that said, do not let that deter you from trying to speak English with every opportunity you get. You may even practice speaking to others who may not be at the same level as you are. Remember that it is all in the mind. If you believe in yourself, you will be able to pull it off confidently. Who cares what others think? You do you.

Join an English-speaking Class

Another really great way to pick up English quicker is to join an English-speaking class, program, or community. Everyone will be so busy learning and speaking that it will create an environment that is ideal for you to train your own English-speaking skills. It could even be a fan club for your favourite celebrity. The most important thing is that you will be learning something along the way.

Do yourself a favour and start today so you can speak English confidently. You will be opening yourself up to a whole new world of people who are prepared to listen to you… And you will feel really good about it. Take baby steps and take it slow. You will reap the rewards eventually!

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