How Playing Video Games Help Learning – 2 Great Benefits

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Gaming may be the arbitrator of lack of creativity and corrupted grammar, do you not think?

Well, think again.

Scientists feel that playing video games can actually benefit you provided that you do not become addicted to it in a big way.

Let’s take a look at how these video games affect teenagers.

They  have the propensity to make the gamer fixated for hours. I mean, there is simply no end to the way these games hypnotise and bedazzle these teenagers.

The main content of these games is simplistic. It is the promise that it offers which isn’t.

Every game is built on a fairly simple premise. If you clear one level, you will go on to the next level. 

The next level may promise you a reward, more power, better defenses, increased information for instance.

The rewards are carefully maximised to ensure that it gets the gamer to feel very satisfied. It appeals to their sense of confidence, acceptance and need to be acknowledged. 

The rewards are a nod to the gamers’  acceptance into a world where one has an avatar which is the alter-ego or the desirable self.

Ok, ok. All this sounds like some psychobabble right? Maybe. But most of it is true. 

The part where the rewards grant satisfaction and when the Avatar represents the hidden self.

Which means….er….almost the entire part? Haha. Psychobabble or not, these games are highly addictive, making one feel in power.

They take the gamer from one mode of existence to another. It provides exciting opportunities. 

And it is unpredictable, unlike life. Not in the way we expect it to be unpredictable I mean. 

Like exam questions and what is on the lunch menu the next day.

So how do video games benefit teenagers? We unveil 2 of the greatest secrets:

video games

#1 Video Games help to Solve Problems

The games are entirely built on the way to resolve a problem. New opponents or obstacles appear at every corner and the player has to be able to tackle one’s defenses on the spot. 

The gamer has to predict these problems and resolve them. Otherwise, he/ she will not be able to move on to the next level. 

The worst thing that can happen is that he/ she will be kicked out or ‘die.’ Very sad, isn’t it?

So, the player has to play as if his life depends on it. (please excuse the metaphor)

The idea is that if one plays enough of these games, the problem-solving techniques will improve and these will help one to attend to problems in real life as well. 

Problem-solving techniques can be applied in school, for homework, for projects, and for all kinds of learning.

When one ‘sees’  an opponent, the main idea is to exterminate him/ her. The methods to do this may be plenty but only one way will execute this successfully. 

So, the player has to think very quickly and eliminate all the other ways before arriving at the right method. 

Failure to find the right method will result in his/ her own failure. The odds are stacked high against the player and the possibilities may seem endless. 

Only understanding the video game completely and playing it often will help the player to conclude the correct answer.

This becomes a useful tool that can be applied indefinitely throughout one’s life.

#2 Video games help to Process Information

Whether you like it or not, video games are full of information. It is just presented differently from the conventional way in our books or lessons in school.

Each video game demands that you process the information about its game while you are playing it. 

The teenager is actually learning while playing. That is the reason why these games are so enjoyable. 

They do not sit for exams but are instead ‘ killed off’  if they do not follow the rules and come up with a way out of it.

This is really a bit like going to school where you will need to re-take your exams or be kicked out of school if you do not do well. However, this is the virtual world, you might say.

Ahem. Virtual world it may be. But the players are so synced into it that they feel it is so real to them. 

The video game moves very quickly and the need to process whatever is happening has to be done at super-fast speed. This is really a good skill.

When you are forced to process information that quickly, it will definitely force you to speed up whatever else you may process.

We face new information every day. We are required to use it and find solutions to new problems. 

Processing information quickly will definitely help one to gain answers and write essays better.

Though much has been said about the negative effects of video games, there seems to be some good in it after all. 

Having said that, there should be moderation in everything and playing video games should not eat up all of our time. 

Just keep it to a few hours a day and you will find that it can be both a pleasure and a useful tool to be employed.

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