Playing A Music Instrument Or Singing – 3 Great Benefits For Students

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Most schools offer music options by way of choir groups and orchestras to join and perform. 

Though this may seem like time infringing on academic studies, music has its redeeming virtues.

Playing or singing invariably encourages creativity and creativity leads to inventiveness. 

That means one trammels along paths unique to oneself discovering talents, and poignant truths, and above all seeking a way of creating harmony both within and without. Music is ephemeral and even arguably sublime. 

Here are 3 great benefits how playing a music instrument or singing can help students do well: 

1. Emotional Development

One’s mind travels on a different track when playing an instrument. Music allows one to think of creative responses not related to academics. It encourages spontaneity and allows one to think independently. 

Any type of music is emotional. And there are so many gradations that it would be almost impossible to cite every kind of emotion. There have been composers known for their mood-enhancing work found in many major motion pictures.


Have you wondered why some movies are so appealing? When you watch a movie, it is a composite picture of script, acting, music, and setting. And students are usually drawn to movies as this composite is vastly appealing. 

Music by itself is engaging enough but it takes a truly talented director to use it to create more impact. Take for instance, the soundtrack from Star Wars. It immediately comes to mind and most of the audience were young people. 

Apart from immersing oneself in studies, music and the arts offer one a different scope. Those taking music in their exams will be able to think along different lines. The notes, pauses, keys, and pitches tilt one towards a different aim. The emotions are likewise needed to play a certain music well. Needless to say, it can be an absorbing subject for any student.

2. Skills For Learning Maths And Science

Many parents have sworn by music as an aid for learning maths and science. We don’t really know how it works but music has been known to soothe the savage beast according to William Congreve. 

It has always had a restorative effect on the senses, lulling and coercing them into expanding our vision, our aural senses, and the deepest recesses of our minds into elevating ourselves to the degree we had never thought as being possible.

Could it be that music is such a disparate subject, totally different from school subjects that we expand our senses this way? Or could it be that it is inherent in our system to react with such positivity?

Whatever it is, our senses will expand, enabling us to learn better, faster, and with even a heightened understanding. For students doing Maths and Science, it has been known for its calming power. 

Most top schools offer music and students may choose to play an instrument till they are in their JC (junior college). It prevails as a calming effect on students, even inspiring them to learn more.

3. Interaction With Others

Yes, indeed, music has long had a social influence on people including students. Imagine the repertoire that one can boast if one has knowledge of it. 

One can play, sing and interact with like-minded students whenever there is any student gathering. Social gatherings always gain a boost when someone plays an instrument. 

Imagine playing an instrument like a guitar or piano and winning over your friends. There is always a circle of people surrounding a pianist or a guitarist, isn’t it?

Why is that? That’s because the one who plays has the gift to draw people to him the same way a moth is attracted to light. Music has an attractive and insatiable appeal that has won hearts time after time. 

Think of the way people throng at concerts and flock to musicians when they make an entrance. Its appeal has always been there so why shouldn’t your students make the most of it? It is wholesome, satisfying, and invigorating.

Imagine breaking the ice by playing an instrument. At a social gathering, you can always contribute by playing and creating waves of applause. Even if the effect is not that dramatic, you will always be remembered in a positive light. 

And the best part is that it is a wholesome hobby, subject, and entertainment. It always beats being hunched over a computer game. Music bridges you with someone through the song you play. You interact with another being and that is special.

All said and done, the subject of music has always had a special space in my heart. Singing has always been my passion and it has helped me through some of the dullest and most crucial moments in my academic years. 

I hope it will be as fruitful for you and enable the culmination of all your dreams. 

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