Why A Good Night’s Sleep Is Important For Students – 4 Crucial Benefits

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“To sleep, perchance to dream.”

Those words from Hamlet – Shakespeare signals to us exactly how important it is to sleep.

It is the chance to repair, revive and nourish ourselves as our bodies go into a ‘rest mode’ and we are able to suspend the tiring routines that afflict our waking moments.

The most important rest that is needed is for the brain. Your thoughts are suspended when you sleep and you do not realise that thinking has made you tired.

And more than anyone else, students need a good night’s rest of about 8 hours to replenish themselves fully. You need that because firstly, you may get those dreaded Panda Eyes if you do not get enough sleep. 😊

Just to let you know that sleep can make a difference between success and failure, I’ve listed 4 of the more crucial benefits for having a good night’s rest.


#1 Memory

Those who have a good night’s rest will be able to think better the next day. Yes, it actually contributes to improvements in learning.

Just think about it, your thought process will be clear and you will be able to recall your previous day’s work with ease. There will be none of that bleary-eyed dazed feeling that all of us get sometimes. 

Well, now that we know how to activate those grey cells, we can steer clear of those mental handicaps. Not only will your memory function have a boost with proper sleep, but you will also find yourself assimilating facts better. 

You will feel as if you have had a vitamin B12 injection to boost your energy! That is the power of sleep! 😊

#2 Emotional Balance

Sleep actually makes you behave better! Yes, it does. How? Well, you will feel rested and restored. All your sensory impulses will be at their optimum level as you had taken the trouble to recharge them.

Yes, yes we need recharging. We are organic beings and our bodies are subject to wear and tear. One way to delay the process of ageing and gradual breakdown is to sleep well.

I am talking about regular sleep patterns from after 10ish to morning around 6ish. You need to give yourself regular rest times so that your body relies on this pattern to recharge and regain balance.

Ok, ok you may be saying. So, what does this have to do with emotions? Quite a bit. Imagine not having a good night’s rest and waking up like a grumpy bear. You will feel as if part of you had been left behind the day before.

You will feel negative about most of the day’s events because you feel tired. And this will affect your behaviour. Trust me, when you are studying for an exam, everyday counts. You really do not want a lack of sleep to impede your progress.

#3 You Will Talk Better

Yes, this is true. Whatever you want to present to your class will be done better. Your articulation will be at its best when you have had a good night’s sleep.

And you won’t even mind if someone criticises you. You will take it all in stride. You will feel harmony with your surroundings and your thoughts will channel into positive words.

The bridge between your thought process and speech will be strong because of a good night’s rest and you will have no problem saying exactly what you are thinking. Sounds good? Then sleep. 😊

#4 You Will Not Get Sick

A good night’s rest has been proven to have therapeutic properties. Your body will be in peak form and the chances of succumbing to that sniffly cold or irritating cough will be slim.

You will have improved blood circulation and you will not feel any headaches or lethargy. Trust me, a lack of sleep is often the culprit of those ghastly migraines and jaded syndromes.

Get yourself out of that rut and prepare yourself for restful nights. Most sicknesses are the result of an unhealthy mind. What?

If you continue to sleep less than you ought, your body will be on the verge of some sort of breakdown. Your mind will be dull and this will affect your entire system.

People who have clocked in their beauty rest are actually beautiful. They have a beautiful mind, articulate beautifully and have beautiful thoughts.

Aim for a higher standard of output and give yourself the chance to rest well. Treat sleep as if it was a vital preparation for an exam. And give it its due import.

Now, if you really want to put my advice into motion, get yourself a pillow and snuggle under a comfy comforter. 😊 Sleep well, and dream of a better tomorrow.

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