Writing English Fantastically for Students


The Writing English Fantastically Workshop is to ensure that you enhance your writing communication skills to achieve immediate response from your audience.

The trick is to engage with your reader, audience, market and the only way is to Impress them significantly enough to keep them following your work. The workshop teaches you to effectively use strategies which are taught by the bestselling teacher to gain impressive and impactful results. All this and more is gained by learning these writing skills which will notably change the way you have been writing.

WHO is this course for?

  • Those who want to write well and make the grade
  • Those who want to attract potential clients
  • Enhance their social media status and self branding
  • To create your own original portfolio
  • For self-improvement

What you’ll learn?

  • The strategies will ensure that you will change your writing immediately.
  • Engage effectively with your readers. 
  • Be known for being an impactful writer/ communicator and earn respect.
Picture of Vanita Pal

Vanita Pal

BA Hons, MA

Vanita Pal has been teaching for more than 30 years and has written 8 books. 2 of them are bestsellers. Find out how to make every word you write count. It will make a difference in attaining success.

"I thought that it would be boring when my mother signed me up for the December English Writing Course. But it was fun and my vocabulary skills improved. I learnt to use words and phrases which I had never used before. My confidence improved and I began to write more fluently. It was amazing how quickly my writing standard changed!"
Tristan Tan


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