General Paper – 5 Simple Hacks To Ace Through The Art Of Communication

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The art of communication is a gift that comes easily to some individuals. This is a critical skill to scoring well in the General Paper.

To tell another of your most profound thoughts or express your deepest sentiments can be a stumbling block to many.

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you had this secret formula that could help you to overcome all these blocks in the General Paper?

Have you ever wished you could simply hold the audience’s attention in the palm of your hand like one of those TEDx speakers?

Communicating well and effortlessly is one of the most desired achievements today.


We live in the age of Information Technology.

We need to put across our thoughts well, so well that it gets attention. I mean the right kind of attention and you need to be in that coveted sphere where people will say, ‘You really aced it!’

Let me share 5 simple hacks about the art of communication and how you can ace your General Paper easily.

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Hack #1 Focus on the question

When you choose a General Paper question, you have to make sure it is the right choice. 

Never waste time by drifting from question to question and writing it midway before you settle for the right one.

One of the first things you need to do is to look out for the keywords. Do they seem familiar?

Have you read or written on any of them before? Can you think of some points which you can write about?

The keywords should Pop out making you feel excited that You Know what to write.

Next, Focus on the question and ask yourself this.

Do I understand what it is saying?

You need to sift through the words in the question and know what it means. 

Look out for hidden meanings or subtle inferences.

Make sure that everything is clear before you move on to the next step in yourGeneral Paper.

Hack #2 Understanding what the reader wants

Understanding what the reader or your teacher wants is of prime importance.

If you are sitting for a class paper or school exam, you will be doing something which you have done before.

Therefore, understand what the teacher has mentioned and will be looking out for when he/ she marks the General Paper.

If you are sitting for a national or international exam, follow these guidelines.

All examiners will expect you to link your points and opinions back to the question.

Relevance is a key issue.

Most students write out of point and are penalised as they fail to observe the simple rule of linking back to the question.

Hack #3 Organise your key points

This step is crucial when you want to ace your general paper essay.

Communication is about making sense.

You need to write in the Point, Evidence, Elaboration, and Link back format.

This is one way of making sure that you write coherently.

Remember, you should be like one of those CNN newscasters who report on a ‘live’ event and they are constantly aware of keeping track of the main point.

Well, you are not a CNN reporter of course.

But you need to be on track all the time.

Organise your points coherently so that you always sound as knowledgeable as possible.

Hack #4 Sway with words

What is communication without the words to sway the heart of the reader?

Words have done more to sway than even the most resplendent of gifts.

The power of words can do much and especially so in the 21st century where we are all hooked on social media at a finger’s touch.

Your words represent your heartbeat.

What I mean is that the way you feel passionately about a point or the sentiments you wish to introduce should be felt in the phrases and quotes you use to ground the point till it totally resonates with the reader.

Remember, this is a time-honoured craft and it can be done if you keep working on it.

The reward will be worth it.

Hack #5 Impress with current news

The last strategy to ace your General Paper is all about keeping yourself in the flow.

Keep yourself up to date. Don’t be a frog in the well.

Know what is going on in the world.

Do you know who is the prime minister of Malaysia?

If you don’t know, then you need to brush up on your general knowledge.

After all, Malaysia is right next door, isn’t it?

Do you know who is the most important official next to the US president?

You need to know this. It is not the vice president.

Ok, ok you may say. You are not really that good.

If you know that, it is time to get started. The fastest way is to watch the news as you can watch and exercise or watch and eat. 

I mean, we are into multi-tasking, aren’t we? 😊

I’m just trying to make it easier for you. The best way is to read the newspapers of course so start cracking!

Posit some knowledge into yourGeneral Paper. 

Whether you are doing a presentation in class or writing your essay, communication is about being confident in what you are writing.

Impress the reader with your skill and finesse. Bring your marks up a notch and win your way to an impressive score.

Acing your General Paper can be a piece of cake if you follow these simple steps. Good luck!

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