2 Important Tips To Choosing A Secondary English Tuition Centre And How Is Wizpals Different?

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If you are a Secondary English student, you will know that choosing the right tuition centre makes a considerable difference.

I mean, if you discover that it’s not working for you, starting all over again at another place can be disruptive. 

Think of the time wasted in adjusting to new strategies and styles.

And time is not exactly on your side, is it?

Even if you had an early head start, you will realise that a tutor who stays with you from Secondary 1 till 4 is going to offer you more in service.

Ok, what if you are in Secondary 3 or 4?

Starting to look for a Secondary English tuition centre in Secondary 4 is a bit of a risk. 

It is rather last minute and it means having to juggle between school and tuition plus your other subjects.

Alright, now that you know it’s of prime importance to start as early as you can, let us examine the qualities you should look for in a Secondary English tuition centre.

When you start to look into a tuition centre, you will realise there is only one specialist per subject, per level.

For instance, Primary 6 will have a special tutor who is well-versed in preparing students for the PSLE.

And in Secondary school’s O levels, there will be another tutor who is specialised in the English exam.

Browse through their profiles on their websites and do a bit of background research.

You will need to focus on the criteria that is essential for choosing a Secondary English tuition centre.

Wizpals is one of the longest-running English tuition centres in Bishan with one of the most highly accomplished  English tutors and writers in Singapore.

So you may think, what makes Wizpals different? Read on and you will find satisfactory answers in your search for a devoted English teacher who produces good results for every exam.

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#1 Secondary English Tutor Profile

When you scout around for an Secondary English tuition centre, you should focus on the background of the English tutor.

Do not just settle for any one of the tutors in the franchise tuition centres.

Luckily, at Wizpals, the tutor’s profile is clearly mentioned in Wizpals.com website.

Has the tutor taught in a government school in Singapore before?

Having teaching experience is one of the most fundamental assets a tutor can have.

Check out if the tutor has been in this line of work for long or is just a part-time tutor.

Most importantly, check to see if the tutor has written any books on that subject.

If so, then it adds to the credentials.

Whether the tutor has a basic degree or a doctorate is not the real issue. 

I mean, having a sound academic background is important but how she/ he imparts knowledge is far more important.

#2 Teaching Methodology For Secondary English

What this means is if the tutor has a personalised style of teaching that sets her apart from the rest. 

A good tutor will write all the notes herself, print them and explain about them in class. 

The material should be of original content based on the latest MOE syllabus.

I will suggest that you meet the tutor prior to signing on the class and ascertain if she explains her teaching methods.

The material should be more than 10 pages that include worksheets and notes.

For Secondary English, the focus areas are on Composition and Comprehension.

However, it is not a one size fits all approach as most tuition centres adopt this school of thought.

With Wizpals, weaker students will be able to achieve a good passing grade while students who want to maintain their excellent grades in English will continue to flourish.

In summary, the above criteria is a good checklist to help you narrow down and choose the most suitable tuition centre for your child. Hope you will find a great tutor soon!

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