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Is this not on the tip of your tongue? What is the fastest way to improve O level English writing?

Speed is of the essence and we do not have much time to be competent because i) the O level English writing exams are always around the corner and ii) time has to be allocated to the other subjects.

We all know that to prepare fully in any subject, there has to be time given for basic and advanced preparations. This sometimes takes years to fully mature.

There Are No Shortcuts!

Or is that just hype?

Well, let’s see. What if I told you there are secret formulas to get you started on that track to a superb success?

Have I got your attention?


If you do not have much time left for O level English writing preparation work because you were genuinely involved in other work or you tried all other methods and it did not work, this is the way out for you.

Mind you, this is not the way for those who want to be spoon-fed. Even it it’s a secret formula, it still needs work to be done and you will still need to put in time for O level English writing Practice.

Formula 1

For O level English writing, make sure that you have a list of the TOP 10 or TOP 20 compositions which are most likely to appear for your exams.

You may not be able to do this by yourself so get your tutor or teacher to help you.

At Wizpals, we have a list made out every year and we practice O level English writing as if our lives depended on it.

Once you have your list, try to target 1-2 genres. For example, you may target narrative/ descriptive topics on social life. Your second target may be argumentative topics on environment and cyber related topics.

There is no point in trying all the genres. It will be better to stick to the 1-2 types and specialise in it.

Once you have shortlisted, make sure that you have a technique which covers all the points rapidly.


Formula 2

How to cover the necessary points for each topic/ question?

Make sure you have a sound hook. Mention how you will approach and focus on your angle. Then make sure you have about 4 points to cover all the bases.

If it is a question on cyber victims in Singapore, mention the ways people are victims. And also mention how this can be prevented.

Organise 4 points where different age groups are scammed for different reasons. Eg. Middle-aged people may fall prey to scams on courtship and younger people may fall prey to scams promising them prizes.

Teenagers may have stalkers or people who may abuse them online and others may fall prey to cyber hacking.

Make sure you have those 4 points before you begin. This is the first step you should take before you commit yourself to a question. If you are unable to do so, move on to the next question in O level English writing.

In this way, you will save yourself from the risk of running out of points midway through the question. You will save time and your efforts can be better utilised for a question which you can manage.

You would have noticed that I did not spend much time organising the 4 points. They were done in short, simple phrases. Organising your points does not take much effort but it ensures that you take care with your work.

Treat the organising portion of your O level English writing paper with the same devotion you will pay in writing it. The dividends will show in due time.

Formula 3

The third fastest way to improve almost overnight in your O level English writing is to insert ‘choice’ words in your essay. You may need about 4 phrases or choice words sprinkled at the right intervals in your essay and the desired impact will be delivered.


Learning sets of vocabulary words is a relatively easy task. At Wizpals, we teach ‘choice’ words during almost every lesson. Students will learn suitable words which are not too simple but which are of relevance in the media today.

They may even be idioms or well-worn catch phrases. The main point in learning these words is to use them well in your O level English writing essay.

You will need to practice these vocabulary words of course and ensure that you will have a good understanding of the way to use them whether as an adjective phrase or noun.

The next step is to make sure that the words fit into the essay. Certain words can be best used for narrative styles and others for argumentative essays.

Draw up a list of vocabulary words.

Make one list for narrative words/ phrases and fill it with creative words and phrases.

Make another list for the argumentative style of writing and fill it with journalistic type of words.

Finally, only use the lists which are meant for that particular genre.

This is really the fastest way to improve in your O level English writing for the composition exams. In fact, you may see the result instantaneously.

Well, these are the best and fastest tips to help you to get that A in your O level English writing. Start following these formulas today and watch your grades grow!

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