O Level English Oral Exam – 10 Useful Tips To Shine Like A Star

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How to shine like a Star? That is the whole point of taking the O level English oral examination.

Shining like a star is the best way of making sure that you have your foot in the door…the whole way.

It is not that impossible if you follow the 10 useful tips I have listed for you. Apply as many as you can, if not all.

Tip #1 – Be prepared for conversation topics

a) Be aware of what are current topics of interest

Know what is trending in the news. You never know if it might be theO level English oral conversation topic. These are unseen topics so you need to make sure that you are on the ball. Current news topics are hot favourites especially if they are linked to the ‘popular’ topics which always appear in exams.

b) Be aware of topics which have always been popular

There are always certain genres that are a part of everyO level English oral examination. Education, sports, elderly are some of the popular topics.  Transport, communication and media, technology, nutrition and food courts, animals, environment are other topics that always appear.

Be prepared to know a bit about all of them. Get an oral book from a bookshop and read up on these topics and the questions which are asked.

c) Read and watch the news to know what is going on

Apart from reading the past year’sO level English oral questions and answers, being in touch with the media is an advantage. This will give you ideas about how to phrase your information. News coverage is always the best way of knowing exactly how to focus on the key points. 

And newscasters will always be convincing because they know what people want to hear. Focus on their delivery and try to emulate. That is the best way to get a grip on the current news. You may also read the newspapers as that has extensive coverage on the news.

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Tip #2 – Talk to friends and family about these topics

Talking to friends and family about these topics will reinforce the information in your mind. You will be automatically memorising it as you talk. There will also be other points of view so you can learn as well. For all you know, they may have interesting points of view for you to use during yourO level English oral exams. When you face the examiner, it may not be such a challenge.

Tip #3 – Read texts and record them

This will be especially useful for the reading portion of theO level English oral exam. When you record and play it back, you can be your own judge and your reading mistakes will become clear to you.

When you playback, look out for tone and delivery. You may not be aware but you could be reading in a monotonous tone. Pitch yourself at an engaging level and make it sound refreshing and lively.

Tip #4 – Do confidence exercises

Confidence exercises can be in many forms. You can talk to a dear friend who will give you constructive criticism or you can look at the mirror and talk about one of theO level English oral exam topics. This will give you more confidence as you will know how to position yourself before the examiners and teachers.

Tip #5 – Listen to newscasters and their pronunciation

This is an excellent way of learning to speak properly. Newscasters are trained speakers and they learned from the best. Watching them will give you that poise and elegance in your own delivery. Look out for their pauses and pitch. These people know what they are doing and you will be surprised how quickly you will improve by just listening to them.

Tip #6 – Be aware of what is tested every day during O level oral exams

This will be applicable during an ongoingO level English oral examination. If you know what has been tested, you can concentrate on the remaining topics. So, be prepared to speak your best.

Tip # 7 – When you have a conversation, pitch yourself at a relaxed level

Being relaxed during anO level English oral examination is critical. Do you know that students speak more quickly when they are nervous? And there will be a greater tendency to trip over your words. Why ask for trouble? Just pace your words and deliberate on them as you speak.

Tip #8 – Do breathing exercises

Breathing exercises will help you to relax. So, this point is relevant to tip #7. If you are nervous before your turn, breathe slowly and this will help you to relax a bit. And your delivery will be better.

Tip #9 – Stop at punctuations

Stopping at punctuations is crucial during your reading and conversation parts. Do not be a ‘road-runner’ and rush through your words. If you do that, you will mispronounce sooner or later. Look out for full stops and commas. They are there for a purpose so pause a little.

Tip #10 – Do not end your conversation part of the oral exam abruptly

Right. This is my last tip. When you have the conversation portion, do not finish the last point in an abrupt way. One way to avoid this is to give an opinion supporting the most important point which you made earlier. 

Or you may have a quote that is relevant to the point. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and make sure that you have spoken enough. Do not speak for anything less than 2 minutes.

Well, if you follow my simple tips, you Will definitely shine like a star during theO level English oral exam. 

In fact, you are already a Star as you have gained powerful takeaways from all my insightful advice. 😊 

Take care and good luck!

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