Beat The Exam Stress – 3 Great And Effective Tips

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Everyone has suffered from exam stress at one point or another.

Exam stress is inevitable. And all those who take their exams seriously are victims of this common occurrence.

But you need not be a victim any longer if you know exactly how to beat those exam blues.

Yes, exam blues.

No, I’m not talking about Blues music but rather, feeling under the weather or …stressed.

Exam stress usually will start with you feeling jittery. It can keep growing until it seems like a Panic Attack! It may even be a Panic Attack as it has all the symptoms. That palpitating feeling, dizziness, feeling disoriented ….

The starting point for all of this is anxiety.

It is difficult to tell yourself, ‘do not be anxious.’ But there are ways… Ways that you can avoid this whirlpool of negativity.

I’d like to share 3 great and highly effective tips which I know will be of use to you in managing exam stress.

Tip #1 Take care of your health

The first thing I’d like to start with is your health.

Yes, your health. In case you think this is simply absurd, let me tell you that I have tried and tested this tip myself.

Most students start suffering from anxiety attacks because their health may be weak due to burning the midnight oil and studying continuously without much sleep. 

This can weaken your immune system and you will start displaying all the symptoms no matter how young you are.

exam stress

Make sure that you have a good exercise regime. It may be a simple one like jogging or just playing badminton. The first means going outdoors and the second means having a partner.

I would suggest doing some gym type of exercises. Try to invest in home gym equipment. 

You can use it during all sorts of weather and at whatever time you like.

The benefits are immense.

The first benefit is that your immunity will be resilient to all kinds of viruses and even that dreaded panic attack. Even if you feel panic, your body will not feel weak. And that, my friend, is a wonderful bonus.

While other students are sniffling and seeing doctors, you will sail on to your examination hall with full confidence. You need not feel any kind of exam stress except perhaps, superficial stress which can leave no effects.


Tip #2 – Prepare well in advance

The second tip is to ‘be prepared.’ This is the motto of all girl guides. 

You will need to prepare well in advance. And I mean about nearly a year.

Yes, I know the syllabus may not have been completed in school yet. 

But you can still revise the previous year’s work and whatever that had just been completed to avoid exam stress.

By the time you have the last 3 months before your final exams, you should have revised everything else before that.

Not much is covered during the last 3 months anyway. The major part of the syllabus is done before that so you will need to be sure that you have everything at your fingertips.

How do you do that?

Be creative when you revise.

Use music when you are doing your work or sit in different and interesting places when you study.

Eat snacks that give you energy rather than drain you. Too much carbs can make you lethargic so take care!

Tip #3 Stay away from negativity

The third and final tip is to avoid negative sources. Stay away from people who may speak negatively about your work or who want to borrow your notes at the last minute.

You really do not want this unnecessary effect of exam stress. Open your mind to positive influences. 

Walk in a beautiful garden in the morning. There are many beautiful parks and gardens for public use in Singapore. Use one near your home. 

Or listen to motivational talks online. TEDx speakers are brimming with motivation and high energy. Their enthusiasm is infectious and you will feed off it. Expose yourself to positive influences. 

Influences not influencers. Listening to influencers is not a good idea…really…especially close to your exams.

Do meditation if you are used to it. Or do something with your hands like cooking or drawing. 

Just spend a few minutes a day. The rewards can be worth it.

The benefit of this is to restore your mind from all the heavy reading and studying. Your brain needs a rest too!

You will feel recharged in no time and be ready to take on another load of work. 

The exam stress will diminish rapidly and your day will be filled with positivity.

Of course, you will need to eat and sleep sensibly too. These are a ‘must.’ 

But the tips I mentioned will help you to reach your goal without the baggage of exam stress. Who needs stress anyway? 😊

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