Time Management For Struggling Students – 6 Effective Tips

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Time management is an aspect that students do not take into account. I mean, you could have done all the preparation and work that is needed only to find that your grades took a dive. 

You probably thought that you did not perform adequately but the real reason is that you could not manage your time properly.

If you had been graded only for the work you had written and not penalised for the work you did not submit, your grades would have been pleasantly satisfying.

You probably know all about this but I’m merely reiterating because 6 simple steps can help you avoid this catastrophe effectively when it comes to time management: 

Step #1 – Free Yourself From The Other Distractions

You need to do this because sometimes all that is standing in the way of a successful completion could be a distraction. 

It could be something at the back of your mind that distracts you when you are writing or you write too much because you are worried that you are not doing enough.

Does it sound like you? Ok, read on.

A distraction could be a worry or a very anxious feeling. This could be your feeling of inadequacy and more often than not, it is due to lack of preparation.

If not, there could be another reason for it. You are putting too much stress on yourself. Maybe you think that everything in your life depends on this exam and you are pushing yourself up that steep hill. If that is so, then it is also a distraction as you cannot do your work peacefully.

Learn to take it easy. Easier said than done right?

Tell yourself that you can do it and that it is ok to just do your best. REDUCE the PRESSURE!

time management

Step #2 – Time Yourself And Record It

Timing and recording yourself is the best way to go about in effective time management. If you keep overshooting the time, be honest and record it.

When you try another exercise, note if you are taking the same time to do it. The recording will help you to realise how much time you actually need to accomplish the paper.

If you overshoot by a good hour, then you know that you simply have to speed up in your writing. Or perhaps you did not prepare adequately or had a mental block.

Examine why you did not prepare and boost your preparations.

Mental blocks are another matter. It should not happen all the time. It could be that you are not sleeping enough or are very worried. You may wish to give yourself a break for this and return to the recording when you feel adequately relaxed.

Step #3 – Target Areas That Slow You Down

You may not be slow in all areas. Look out for the area/s that slow you down. This will give you a better perspective about what to do when it comes to time management.

Finding out your weak area is one step nearer to success.

If that is the portion you are struggling with, then you need to ask someone to help you out. Or you may keep practising and recording the time till you meet the time criteria.

Step #4 – Do At Least 2 Exercises A Week With The Clock

I know that time management work sounds boring but you really need to do this consistently or it won’t work.

You need to do at least 2 exercises a week. If you could do more, it will be better of course.

Take one of the old exam papers and time yourself. Attempt one of the papers, Paper 1 or 2. You don’t have to do everything.

You could do this on alternate days if you’re feeling ambitious. Time management is really that simple!

Step #5 – Report Your Work To Someone

This is good as it makes you accountable. You can place the brakes on yourself as you know you created it. 

The person whom you chose to report will make sure that you are improving by asking a few questions about your work.

This is a great way to meet your target in time management and your rate of improvement will be faster.

Step #6 – Review Your Time Every Month To See Progress

Try not to review your timing in less than a month. Review it once a month to track your progress. How much time have you gained?

If you have improved, give yourself a pat on the back for a great job done in time management. If not, keep doing the same work next month. Improvement will follow. That is guaranteed.

Your job is to persevere. And you will find that your time management would have improved and so would your grades.

Keep at it. Who knows? You may reach your target sooner than you think. 😊

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