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Writing really well in any genre, whether it is in narrative, argumentative, descriptive or expository, is really all about strategy.

With the right strategy, practice and guidance, any student can reach for the top grades in the English examination paper. All it takes is time and persistence.

Common Writing Perceptions

Unfortunately, most students fail to realise that writing well is a culmination of all these factors. They thought that they will be able to write well by practising endlessly with assessment books or choose to give up altogether, thinking that this is not for them. That is truly sad because to write well, you need to have the power to think clearly and see things in their perspective.

In the GCE O level format, or the GCE A level GP paper, the ability to write well depends on understanding the question. Countless numbers of students have failed because they misinterpreted the exam question even though they wrote really well.

Do you know anyone like this? What a waste! This could have been easily avoided if they simply had someone to guide them through these areas in the crucial months before their exams. Understanding what the questions are asking is really important.

You do not need to read the newspapers aka the Straits Times, every day to excel, though reading newspapers or watching News Channels like CNN is a good start but what you really need to build up are some basic strategies and knowing how to apply them in the exams.


What Wizpals Can Do

At Wizpals, we teach students to build their writing foundations first. It is not just about learning new vocabulary words but learning how to use them in appropriate situations. For instance, there are some words which are good in writing argumentative essays and some others for reflective essays.

Not all the words and phrases can be used for each genre. You need to learn when to use the right words and phrases at the right time. There are specific exercises and techniques which are taught right from the first lesson because we believe in having strong foundations so no matter what questions our students face later, they will be able to answer them effectively without any difficulties.

At Wizpals, every worksheet is an original. It is written by Vanita Pal who has 3 bestselling books in Amazon and the latest “100 essay book” which is a bestseller in the local bookstore, Popular. All worksheets are exam-oriented and constantly updated in keeping with the latest syllabus changes.

Weaker students no longer need to fear that they will fail and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel when they make the startling discovery that they can actually write well.

Smart students with high grades realise that they can actually write much better with increased poise and perception. Their grades improve and remain steadily at the high level without change.

Wizpals not only helps students to build good and solid foundations, but also puts them on the fast track to understanding and writing well in English. Our methods are tested and proven with a strong track record of success.

Writing can be fun but in examinations, it is not about fun but about writing with understanding, precision and perception. The right strategies for exam-oriented compositions make a HUGE difference when the student knows them and starts using them.

This is the first of a series of blogs on how writing with strategies can make a difference in your work and help you ace that paper.

Discover the writer within you and let your words come to life!

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