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Using the simplest words for effect. Most people think that writing styles requires carefully coined metaphors with impressive flowery words littering every sentence. That is completely untrue!

Take a look at some of the most accomplished writers. Good writers know that their work is read by others. The people who read them may come from all walks of life. The only way to access them is to provide them with a liturgy which they can understand. 

With the exception of poets, who always use complex metaphors and imagery to compound their messages, writers do not use such complex vocabulary in their writing. That is not to say that one should not use sparkling witticisms or dazzling metaphors.

That is perfectly acceptable. However, the true core of writing lies in using simple words which effectively convey the meaning to the reader. 

Why is this type of writing so effective?

That is because the most poignant or dramatic tension and feeling can be conveyed with simplicity. 

Simple language, example: “She stood there, her mouth slightly gaping as she took in the blood-soaked counter, now becoming luminous in the streaming moonlight.”

Complex language, example: “She stood there, surveying the kaleidoscopic scene which reeked of blood which gathered more prominence in the glittering silver snaking moonlight shining through.”

Which sentence conveys more tension? The first or the second?

The first sentence is simple and one need not have to refer to the dictionary to understand it. There is also a second more important function of this sentence. The more simple the words, the more shocking and tense.  Simplicity carries its own weight.

The second sentence is more complex with metaphors and carefully coined descriptions but the attention is paid to the complex words and the actual tension is lost due to this distraction. The reader is swamped with the writing complexity and does not pay attention to the shocking element. 

Verdict? The simply worded essay is not really that simple after all. It may LOOK simple but much effort has to be paid to the way the character’s emotions are conveyed. This requires a bit of planning.

How to write in an effective and simple way?

The first rule is to figure out what the effect is going to be. If it is to shock, then use simple words to convey that shock and make it sincere. Imagine what the entire theme of the writing is meant to be. Then, work your way back to the main character. Describe the character using simple, elegant short phrases making sure not to overdo them. 

Next, use the simple words like a theme. If the character is in the middle of a detective sort of story, then the recurring theme will be the character’s apparent innocence while being in the centre of a deep, dark climatic action. 

I will be discussing more of this in my PLOT OUTLINE Blogs but making sure that you do not over-write in your anxiety to create a good impression should be observed. 

The last point about simple writing is that you may still use metaphors but it need not be complex. 

“Streaming moonlight” is a metaphor but it is effectively conveyed in just 2 words. Effective, elegant and impactful. This is a writing technique which can be repeated many times throughout the essay. Use 2 or 3 worded metaphors to describe the most tense or climatic moments in the essay. 

Some of the most famous authors who use simple language are Paulo Coelho who wrote The Alchemist.

It became a bestseller overnight and the discovery I made was that the effectiveness of the story was mainly due to his extremely simple writing which was layered with complex plots and outcomes. 

That was definitely masterful. The book became an international sensation meaning that it appealed to a cross-section of people throughout the world. Another remarkable writer whose writing was less simple but still effective was Robert Ludlum, the author of the Bourne trilogy.


Upon closer examination, his stories were astonishingly thrilling as he used normal, common dialogue which the people of that background might have spoken. They were simple words but he couched them in complicated sensational plot outlines.

Dialogue writing was the main attraction and all the characters, especially when Bourne used terse, effectively understood writing to describe their situations. 

The Hunger Games, another trilogy, is the brainchild of Suzanne Collins. The story is unbelievably complex with plots upon plot and themes which are set in a dystopian world beyond our time. And yet, once again, the writing is kept sincere, elegant and earthy. It is entirely suited to the character of Katniss, the heroine who embodies all these traits. 

The moral of this blog is that Masterful writing need not be complex. It should be kept simple so that the true purpose of the essay will be impactfully and dynamically conveyed. 

Using words you read from books. How? Take them down in your notes. A myth one should abolish is that word crafting skills take a long time.

How quickly can one learn to craft one’s words to write a superb story? You can do it in one month.

Crafting words can be done by learning from the best. Turn to the best playwrights and authors who have shone throughout the ages.

The students who attend my class will be given a reading list early in the year. The list will be a combination of the best literary people. Some are past presidents, some are noteworthy politicians who have given their 2 cents worth and others are people who have risen to the top of their literary fields.

Any author worth his/ her salt will surely write a prose with a poignant message in it. It is up to you to discover what that message is and use it to good effect in your writing.

Have you got the message by now?

At Wizpals you not only read the best work but you discover the message and use it to unleash a powerful point of view in your essay.

Writing well is not only about good vocabulary but about using a doctrine, a message, a learning point when you deliver your essay.

How do you learn the message when you read a book?

Step 1

Take down notes whenever you notice there is a Challenge to Overcome. The learning point will surely follow. Use this learning point whenever you write a Hybrid essay.

The amazing real-life story by Frank Abagnale, “Catch Me If You Can”, is an example of how the main character went through a trying life only to surface as a winner by the end. The learning point is amazing and uplifting.

It teaches one that no matter how bad the situation is, the willingness to change should be there and good will follow. Of course there were some guiding angels as well but this is well explored in the book/ movie to reveal the protagonist’s cathartic journey.

Step 2

Notice the type of words which are used when describing a challenge. “His brow furrowed and his lips crackled with the salt of his perspiration.”

It is all about the emotions.

What about the outcome of the challenge? “He said nothing though his eyes shone brighter than anyone else’s. The path to his home seemed shorter and he skipped lightly, brightening with each passing second.”

No need to mention that he had resolved it and was happy. There is no need to mention the obvious.

His feelings should speak for themselves.

Step 3

The third step is to copy down the words which you find are baffling. The more baffling the better. IF the writer had used it, there should be a purpose, isn’t it? This is probably the most dreary part but hard work always pays off.

Writing down the words help you to memorise it and using it again helps you to memorise it further. If this is too laborious, try recording it in your smartphone. Then just go back to your recording list whenever you want to recall.

Step 4

This step is the most crucial. What if you don’t like to read? Easy!

Just read Collections of Short Stories. There are several writers who have written short stories with varying success. Each story is only about 20 pages long, some lesser. For the classics, go to Road Dahl’s More Tales of the Unexpected.

This is truly a page-turner as Dahl keeps you at the edge of the seat while the discoveries trail in towards the end to either shock or perplex which are long enough to stop you reading for a while.

For the modern writer, choose Jeffrey Archer whose The Collected Short Stories are almost along the same lines as Dahl but they have his unique flair. Archer is more mindful of modern complexities and cultural norms.

With these tips to practise on, you should be on your way to possess an impressive wordcraft skill of your own.

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