English Composition Writing – 2 Exclusive Tips On Improving Grammar Awareness And Accuracy

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Composition writing depends on 3 factors.

Good content, style and grammar.

I will be dealing with the last portion – Grammar.

In today’s blog, I will give detailed explanations on why grammar awareness plays such a big part in composition writing and I’ll give you tips on improving your accuracy.

What is Grammar Awareness?

This is more than just using the present and past tenses. Grammar awareness is the whole caboodle in composition writing.

You will need to have a presence of mind on how to tackle what is going on in the context and subtext of your composition writing. 

You will need to switch in and out of dialogues and narratives. 

And you will need to make comments regarding past activities or your own past and switch back to the present to create that ‘moral awareness.’

composition writing

How do you do this without creating confusion?

The answer is grammar. 

It may sound like one of the most pedantic of all expectations in composition writing but the ideology is that if you are able to create different situations through the use of grammar, then you can have more freedom in your creative style.

Grammar awareness means that you will know how to go back to the past scenario when you were contemplating going overseas and made a life-changing decision. Then you can suddenly switch back to the present.

1st Narrative

“My raw post-teenage years had nothing but the most problematic of situations. My desire for a course in Sydney University in cooler climes was uppermost when my family stepped in before my departure.”

2nd Narrative

“I can only be thankful for the life I have now with sage wisdom and clarity reigning over my day-to-day decisions. Even when I am aware of my devotion to my ‘new family’, I sometimes harbour a hidden desire. It is the thought which pops up time and again. What if? “

I have created 2 worlds in composition writing. 

The one the protagonist has now which is calm and the past when he was thinking of going overseas and perhaps start a new life there. 

The 2 worlds are intact, each one existing apart yet they are always there in the protagonist’s mind.

How do I do this? 

I was careful in creating the past world through not only the past tense but my period of indecision. When I create the past world, that same indecisiveness and subjugation to my family will become a pattern.

What about Accuracy in composition writing?

There has to be truthfulness in recounting anything. 

The minute you start penning your words, you are obliged to create the highest standard possible through the reality of the situation and the truth behind it. 

And the way to do this is to be accurate in the way you write it.

Writing a narrative is about storytelling. 

Even though you have the greatest freedom in this genre as you are not bound by facts, there is still a need for accuracy in composition writing. 

You need to create a sense of moral fallibility and that moment of catharsis. 

There has to be a reckoning when you are forced to face whatever it is you are choosing through the ‘problem’ part and find a route out of it. 

This method of narrating your story is not as easy as it sounds.

You have to be accurate in describing the scenario realistically. 

The problem created must follow the laws of realistic problem creation and you still have to tie in the character together with this. 

When you write about the way the character sought solutions, you will have to portray it in as truthful a manner as possible. 

Most students fall short of writing a good narrative or reflective essay as the situations are far from the truth. 

They do not subscribe to any realistic situation and lack insight.

There are also rules to observe when you write a fact-filled argumentative essay. 

Your statistics and anecdotes must be accurate. 

The more realistically you portray, the better. 

In expository essays, the analogies and experiences recounted should follow your standards of accuracy. 

It is possible to see right through the example if it is fictional.

Setting a high standard when you write is necessary if you want to be believed. 

It may be a composition but remember, you are graded for your ‘persuasive writing.’  

How persuasive can you be? 

Is it not best to follow an accurate method to create credibility?

My advice to you is to create your own principles when you write. 

Ensure that you write with good grammar to create more depth and be accurate when you recount past examples, statistics or experiences. 

That will create an instant impression and you can be sure that you will hit the mark every time.

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