English Composition: 3 Great Tips To Develop Memory Techniques And Record New Vocabulary

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English Composition is a strategic exercise aimed at discovering your organisational ability and knowledge. 

Every composition topic is an unseen topic and you can only prepare for each genre in advance.

Obviously, the wise student will prepare for the English composition genres which he likes best.

Rule #1 – Always Choose An English Composition Genre That You Know Well

If you are most comfortable with describing what is going on around you, then prepare in advance for those topics. 

Actually, hybrid topics are the most popular today. 

Almost every English composition paper has this genre and there are usually 2 questions based on this.

Always choose something for which you already have some information. 

Do NOT choose a topic because you ‘like’ it. 

This can be dangerous as you may run out of examples and your content will fail you.

Your choice matters.

Rule #2 – Techniques To Memorize New Vocabulary Words

Recording vocabulary words and phrases is really easy these days because you have so many gadgets to help you to do that. 

For better memory recall, store your words and phrases in an easily accessible location.

Keep a vocabulary notebook and treat it as your Holy Grail for English composition. 

Make sure you access it often otherwise you will forget the meanings.

Memorising can be done in 2 ways – you may either choose to use these words in your day-to-day conversations or use them in your English composition writing.

Always use them as often as possible so that you will remember the spelling and meaning.

Remembering your newly learned words is easy as long as you are able to use them on a fairly regular basis. 

Make sure that you have the words at your fingertips when you start writing an essay.

To avoid difficulty in recalling, make sure that you write down words that are of a medium difficulty range. 

If you try to recall really bombastic words and phrases, you will probably have a hard time recalling them.

Rule #3 – Gathering The Right Words And Phrases

Ok. How do you know where to get this information?

What are the sources?

I am sure that many of you ponder about the source for an eclectic choice of words when it comes to writing your English composition.

My answer is that there are no specific sources. 

The choices are endless. 

You may pick up a really appetizing description of how to season a tandoori chicken from a recipe video and record it.

Or you may hear someone describe the dwindling state of resources or an upcoming trip to the moon online or a trending korean drama on tv.

Another much-overlooked source is the people around you. 

Never discount people. 

You may pick up an interesting phrase or two just by listening to someone talking.

What about display banners? 

They are everywhere, advertising their news or events. 

Look at them for particularly appealing words and record what captures your gaze.

The world around us is practically humming with words that scream out for attention. 

They resonate with us in every sphere of our lives. 

All you have to do is Look and record.

You could also try doing this.

Aim for a specific number of new words per week. 

Do not aim too high as it may be discouraging. 

About 5 to 10 words per week will be manageable. 

Make sure that you also record the meanings when you make a note of it. 

Also, be sure to use every single word within a few days. 

Otherwise, it will slip your mind entirely.

Chances are that you have come across all the wonderful plethora of words but you failed to take note of it.

Make a mental note from today to start observing a little more carefully than usual and you will see your lexicon grow. 

Happy hunting!

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