Secondary English Essay – 5 Hacks To Score Well Easily

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Have you ever wondered if there was a quick way to score well in your Secondary English essay?

The quick ways which I’m going to reveal require a little bit of effort on your part.

Well, as they all say, no pain, no gain, right?

Scoring well in your Secondary English essay may seem like a chore to you but if you manage that, your score would have increased dramatically.

English composition writing is not the easiest of papers. You will need to get a grip of the question and find ways of exploring it. 

If you were a fan of reading, then writing should be a little easier.

But what if you didn’t really like to pick up a book and read?

Ok. ManySecondary English students are in that boat.

These hacks which I have prepared are meant exactly for students who are ‘in that boat.’ 😊

Hack #1 – Pep Up Your Essay With The Latest Points From Worldwide News

Ok, ok. I know. Reading is not really your thing.

I meant you should expose yourself to worldwide news. And you can do it in any number of ways.

You may choose to watch the tv for the news. They have several wonderful news channels. 

Channel News Asia covers local news extensively. CNN and BBC cover international news so you do not have to wonder what is going on in China or Russia for instance. 

Even if you do not wonder about China and Russia, (which I’m afraid you do not) this sort of information will always come in handy.


If you actually wondered why, here is the reason.

That is because you write argumentative essays inSecondary English and this information from news can be used as evidence. That’s why.

Another way of learning about world events is to listen to the radio and if you don’t mind reading, there is the national newspaper. 

The sources I’ve mentioned have valid news reports. Please do not rely on social media for world news.

secondary english

Hack #2 – Use Current Lingo. Impress With Words Which Are Trending

Alright. The current lingo will be to use words that are currently used extensively.

For example, have you ever wondered why news sources do not mention the words ‘power cut’ or ‘blackout’ anymore?

They use ‘power outage’ instead. It sounds accurate and reflects the loss of transmission of power accurately. ‘Power cut’ and ‘blackout’ sound unsophisticated.

If you can pick these up, yourSecondary English essay will grow in style by leaps and bounds. 

The level of expertise, grip on the question, and knowledge will be reflected if you just manage to include a few of these trending words into your essay.

Hack #3 – Always Maintain A Stand That Has More Points To Write On

If you are writing an argumentative essay inSecondary English, make sure that you choose the side which makes the writing easier for you.

An argumentative essay always has 2 sides. These are called the Stand and Rebuttal or the Pros and Cons.

Agreeing with the trend of the question is one way to go about it.

This is a typical argumentative question ‘Is cyberbullying a serious issue?’ Make sure that you agree that cyberbullying is serious. And write points from that perspective.

An argumentative question – ‘Should more people work online?’ With such a question, you will have more points if you disagree with the question. That’s because it is more productive if you work in an office. And online work can make you sluggish and tired.

The earlier question about cyberbullying has more points if you agree that it is serious. So, agreeing with the question makes it easier to write.

Hack #4 – Prediction Works. Students Call This ‘spotting Questions’

Predicting questions or spotting them is a great way of preparing.  

Get hold of past yearSecondary English exam question papers and eliminate those from the previous year. 

Most questions are repeated and slightly altered so spotting questions from exams of a few years ago may be a good idea. 

Also, topics like environmental hazards, natural disasters, and diseases will always appear as they have been affecting the world for a long time.

Be prepared by practicing and memorising the points for theseSecondary English questions.

Hack #5 – Impress With Your Vocabulary. Memorise Choice Phrases And Quotes

Words that impress are words that famous people use often. It could be a quote or even a favourite idiom. 

Remember Donald Trump? He was the one who made the phrase ‘fake news’ famous. He regarded anything which was displeasing as fake. Actually, he was partly correct as Facebook had several pieces of news which were totally invalidated.

Words from famous people have far-reaching effects.

What about people like Steve Jobs, the silicon guru, or Bill Gates, the ‘windows’ guy/philanthropist? 

Or what about well-worn quotes which are classics? ‘…of the people, by the people, for the people.’ Do you know who said that? 

Or “you can fool some of the people all of the time…” Both were by the American President Abraham Lincoln.

Do they not sound impressive?

All you need to do is to copy them down somewhere and use them in yourSecondary English essays. Just keep doing it till it becomes a part of your memory.

And of course, your essays will sound like a dream. Pure sophistication.

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