Studying For Secondary English Exams – 4 Best Practices To Stay Awake

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We all know that staying awake while studying for Secondary English exams is one of the biggest challenges of all.

I had a friend of mine who used to say that she forced her eyelids open by propping them up with toothpicks!

It was ghastly and I’m sure she was kidding! If you do that, you will definitely cause eye injury for sure. What a thought!

Well, this still prompts the burning question of ‘how’?

I have listed some practical and fun ways to stay awake during those study times for Secondary English exams and make sure you get all that information into your head.

Ok, here are some of the most pleasant and effective ways to studying and to keeping awake which really worked for me.

1. Make sure you have enough Sleep!

There is no point in wearing your eyes out in a study marathon. Studying without having sleep breaks is a negative way of going about your goals. 

You need to look after your body if you want it to respond the way you want it to. You will need to give yourself that 5 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Some people get by with 5 hours and some naps while others prefer a good stretch of sleep.

Whatever it may be, make sure you are rested before you start yourSecondary English study schedule.

This means that you will always approach your studies with a positive and happy state of mind. That is really important if you want to digest what you want to learn and memorise.

2. Eat proper meals and stay away from lethargy-inducing food.

You really need to eat your greens, broccoli and take your vitamins religiously. Look at what you eat.

I know thatSecondary English students love to go for that sugar rush. Food that has sugar like a bar of Bounty or Kit Kat are all-time favourites of students. You can have that but please make sure that you also eat your greens, your beets and your protein.

Go for that protein shake if you can or make sure that you have some lean meat together with your greens. Lots of vegetables will make your digestion work well and you will feel wonderful inside out.

There are some types of food that induce lethargy such as pastries, bread, cake, and sweets. Carbs are a big no-no as they only make you sleepier. They weigh you down and cause that drowsy effect.

And apart from the weight-causing properties, they do not produce energy for you to use while studying. If you do have that sugar craving, make sure that you balance it with more healthy food. And go slow on that sugar!

3. Exercise!

Exercise is all-important if you want to preserve your stamina while studying. ManySecondary English students feel tired or sick while studying and invariably fall sick towards exam time.

And tiredness always causes that sleepy effect right? Ok. You have to take that step towards getting off your comfy chair. 

Try jogging or running. Or get an exercise bicycle. A simple walk around the block is good exercise and helps you get plenty of fresh air.

You need to have some sort of an exercise regimen going on if you want to keep awake. It is wonderful in building up your metabolism and making your mind really sharp when you study forSecondary English exams. I cannot emphasise enough the wonderful effects of exercise. 

You have to take the initiative first though.

4. Juice up!

What I mean is that you have to drink lots of liquid. Liquids keep your brain activity going strong. Most people nod off when they do not pay attention to what they eat and drink. 

Drink juices if you can or simply drink lots of water. It is a sure but simple way of keeping your mind alert.

Well, I have come to the end of some really simple but effective ways of keeping yourself alert and sharp while studying forSecondary English exams. 

And of course, keeping that coffee pot boiling is a great way of making sure that you stop those eyelids of yours from drooping. It worked wonders for me!

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