Boost Your Memory – 3 Effective Methods To Get That A!

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You would have read a lot about memory booster exercises and techniques. There are several in the market promising you the earth but really, it can be a really simple exercise that anyone can use easily.

Let me just reveal some of the simplest steps to boost your memory. Whether you want to use it to get an A or simply to use it for your everyday life is your choice. I find that a sharp memory can be useful in just about every area of my life.

The best way to boost your memory is to try to exercise your memory on a daily basis. I know that some people love to play Sudoku. It is rather difficult to play but gamers have attested to its memory boosting abilities.

Well, don’t worry. I am not about to put you through that. What I am suggesting is far more simple.

I have 3 effective methods that you can use for your memory and the good news is that you can use them every day! 

Just try to get into these little ‘tricks’ to boost your cerebral power and you will be in full control of everything in your life.

Method #1 – Word Recall

Alright. This is a really simple exercise. When someone tells you something earlier on in the day, try to recall that particular bit of information later on. Do it unconsciously without thinking that you are going to recall it.

It may be anything at all, it does not have to be something vastly intellectual. It may even be about the change you received after buying your chicken rice for lunch. 


Try to recall whether you had given the exact change, a five-dollar note or a ten. If you can recall that definitely, then you are good! What if you cannot? Don’t worry. Most of us will have no idea so do not fret.

Just try the same exercise periodically but think of different situations to recall. If taking a cab is your daily routine, try to remember the app you used to call the cab. If you had attended a lecture that morning, try to remember what the main points were. Can you recall all of them without referring to your notes?

Keep doing this every day till you become better at it. It works. Try it and see.

Method #2 – Word Pictures

Ok. What are these? Really simple. Whenever I jot down a note, I put the words down and draw a picture with it. You may be thinking that this is a rather silly way to do it. Hmm. Silly huh?

Well, let me expound on the benefits. Firstly, it saves you a lot of time writing down the whole thing. The words will remind you of the circumstances, Who, What, When and so forth. It will not help you to recall the tension, the mood, the chemistry or even the weather at that time.

Why is this important? Remember when a police officer is investigating and writes down notes? They have to take note of most details. It is more or less based on that premise. 

Ok, I know you’re not an investigating officer but this is all about your memory, right? If you are going to be good at recalling, then make sure it sticks to your memory.

Draw the details which are too abstract to write. I often do that and used to do it all the time when I was studying for my undergraduate studies. Those details really helped.

Word pictures are great for recalling every vestige of that moment. And the result? You will recall it in perfect clarity. Just try writing and drawing it in this way. You will soon get used to it.

Method #3 – Share It On Pinterest Or Your Favourite Social Media

I know you will like this part! Just write or paste your bit of news or information on this site. Copying and pasting information can improve your memory. I am not talking about the bits you do in editing but rather whole chunks of information that can be shared.

You will need to copy down something like your travel plans or your favourite spots for walks and recreation. Just share it with your friends or nobody. It doesn’t matter. Whenever you do that, you will remember every detail. Recalling your travel itinerary will be easy and you will no longer berate yourself for having a weak memory.

All of us forget from time to time. Though of course, ageing is one of the factors associated with a weak memory. There is no need to give in to this weakness. If you keep at these exercises, ageing or otherwise, your memory will be in tip-top shape!

Just get started with all 3 or your favourite memory tip today! And good luck with recalling!

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