Creating Mind Maps For Your Exams – 6 Powerful Reasons

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We all know that mind maps can be rather useful but do you know why exactly?

I mean, how can it possibly increase the quality of your work?

And if so, how?

Rule Of Thumb

Anything that promises to make your work easier should be easy and quick to use.

Alright, let us have a quick look at how useful and accessible mind maps can actually be. Here are 6 powerful reasons:

#1 – Creative Plotting

This helps you to form a concrete structure for your compositions. The composition paper is one of the higher mark weightage areas. 

If you manage to get a high score, you are more or less set to have a reasonably good score. Unfortunately, one of the stumbling blocks for students is poor content and structure.

How will a mind map resolve this?

First of all, when you write out a balloon mind map, you will realise one factor straightaway.

All the pieces of the structure will be laid down and you yourself will be able to see how coherently you have written your plot.

For example, if you have written one balloon for every paragraph, therefore tracing the story from scratch till finish, you will notice the flow. 

This will act as a warning signal if you have fumbled in your plot construction. If the profiling is weak or if the ‘challenge’ in the story has not been fully explored, the mind map will reveal it.

The best part is that you will have enough time to make changes. Another brilliant use of mind maps is that you can make it as short as you want.

Actually, you may complete the entire story in just 3 minutes if you wish. All you have to do is conceptualise it fully before you start writing.

mind map

#2 – Jotting Down Information During Lectures/ Class

Mind maps are a better method than just scribbling down everything. They are methodical and sequential.

You will see the progress of ideas and you may even include a flow chart technique to see the realisation of ideas and patterns of thought.

Scribbling down is not exactly the best way to record information. It is messy.

With mind maps, you can use them for revision purposes. The notes are actually rather readable if you use this technique.

#3 – Problem-Solving

You may use it to figure out a way to resolve difficulties in your work. I love using mind maps to find my way out of a messy situation. 

It is great when you are planning your work. Just record your work and your week’s schedule is clear.

In terms of problem-solving, mind maps can help you to overcome a particularly difficult rut. If you cannot reach the desired result, you may simply re-work the earlier steps with a minuscule fuss.

And the clear layout means that you can let your imagination take over as you allow it to lead you to the finale you want.

My favourite reason to use it is the time factor. It just becomes so easy as everything can be completed in just minutes.

#4 – Organiser

Mind maps can be a great way of storing your notes. If you are not a great writer and you hate taking down tons of information, then simply turn to mind maps.

They are an illustrative and fun way to write your notes. There is freedom in organising as you may weave in and out of note form and illustrations.  

You can blend your notes with quotes, paste mini blogs and mission statements. 

They can be a collage of ideas, helping you to hone them till they reach perfection.

It will be easy to read your files as they are already a set of composite pieces. 

All your ideas will be clearly displayed for reading and revision. This makes it easy to refer to during tests and exams.

#5 – Self-Learning

This is my favourite part. You may simply rely on your own mind maps to learn a new subject or course all by yourself.

Since the notes are already a complete set unto themselves, you would have covered all aspects of your learning.

I mean, it is all up to you of course. You may make your mind maps as comprehensive or as easy as you want them.

I personally prefer to draw up a simple one at the start and gradually develop it to include supporting evidence, quotes, and blogs. Your information will resonate on all levels. 

And the best part? It is easy to memorise like this. 

#6 – Presentation In Class

If you are ever called on to make a presentation in class, you can always do it with a mind map in hand.

If you wish to speak off the cuff, then simply memorise your notes. It will be easy in mind map form. Trust me, I have tried it.

The mind map explores the topic on different levels. That is why you have a bubble for each idea. For presentation purposes, mind maps will meet all expectations.

I cannot fully explain the efficacy of mind maps. They are really simple to use. That is the appealing part. 

Mind maps are malleable and you can use it to suit your particular style of studying. 

I hope you will give it a try and drop me a line to tell me how much it helped you. Good luck!

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