4 Great Benefits That Art Helps Students Academically

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Academic learning somehow does not focus on Art but it is always there, included in the syllabus. 

The first thing that younger students do is to draw. Drawing, artwork, art and craft have always hit a high note for younger learners.

The way a child drew and felt about his surroundings was only explored primarily by 2 subjects. 

One is to write a short composition and the other is to draw or paint it. 

Young learners have not mastered the fundamentals of writing but they are able to think very clearly and art always helps them to put across whatever they feel is at the base of their yearnings, instincts, desires, revulsion and fear.

What about older learners? Art can help secondary students too.

If it can help a young learner to express his innermost yearnings, should it not do the same for the older ones? What if it could do more? Let us assume that it could. 

Here are 4 great benefits of playing with art:

#1 Deep Focus And Release Of Negativity

Art could help an older student to focus on what is at the deepest part of one’s thoughts. 

It could help one to release those inhibitions and give vent to slightly more negative stress points which could be eating away at the edge of one’s consciousness.

What about panic? Fear that one may not perform well in exams? What about peer pressure? 

These are all to be expected during one’s tertiary years. It can be a great stress reliever and outlet for such students.


#2 Unleash Your Potential

Another way Art can harness one’s best features is to allow one’s potential to flourish.

Imagine this scenario. A student is struggling to write a dissertation or an essay on the Reasons why climate change is still a problem.

The student turns to a blank canvas and starts painting a watercolour reproduction of a landscape. 

The surreal feeling one gets in dabbling in rose pinks and ash grey watercolours can be an uplifting experience. 

The student paints a bit and ruminates over colour blends and the tranquil nature of the setting. This could take an hour or two.

Then the student returns to his study.

How will he feel? 

Refreshed? Most certainly? Meditative? Of course.

Focused? Undoubtedly.

Art is so much the opposite of academic subjects that people tend to think it has no function.

It forces you to think of something totally the opposite of academic subjects like chemistry. 

Now, that is a subject that is deemed as being useful and necessary. 

Most people do not say the same on Art.

It has redeeming qualities and can help one in more ways than you think.

#3 Work-Life Balance

Do you think that Art helps you to maintain a balance in your life?

There are celebrities who dabble in Art and one does not have to be Picasso to practise Art.

Do you know that Jim Carrey, Anthony Hopkins and Lucy Liu are just a few of the celebrities who are wonderful artists?

I mean, just google them.

Why do you think they do this? Are they not being paid enough?

Haha! Jokes aside. 

They paint because it is a way to let off steam. And it helps you with your reflexes. 

They are sharper and you are able to be cool and composed when you work, especially during those non-stop hectic exam preparatory weeks.

Do you not think it will be wonderful to just have something that helps you to maintain your composure and harness your deepest potential to the limit?

Art can do that.

#4 Intuitive Thinking

One of the obvious benefits besides your reflexes, will be your intuition.

Your intuitive powers will be enhanced. You will generate an air of confidence and panache.

Your thought process will be clear and you will no longer operate in a systematic fashion but with clarity and intuition. 

This will cut down your workload immensely and you will experience a great joy in studying this way. 

Everything you do will not be a complex puzzle any longer. It will be within reach as your intuition will take you to greater heights.

Imagine tackling your history exam with intuition. You would have known what will be expected and be prepared for it.

And imagine tackling all your exams this way. Just the very thought is dizzying, isn’t it?

The bottom line is, do not underestimate a subject like Art. 

After all, those people who paid an arm and a leg for a renowned art piece knew what they were doing.

So, the next time, you feel pressured or are itching for a break, pick up a paint brush.

You may just reap more than you had expected!

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