4 Huge Benefits of Studying with Music

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Is studying with music a myth?

Many people tend to study with their headphones or Bluetooth plugged into their ears. Is this not harmful?

Is this really good for them and what are the benefits, if any?

**Spoiler Alert!! Mythbusters Coming Your Way!!

Ok. Let’s have a look at how people use music to study and if this really has any benefits for them.

Many people have said that music helps them to study. They may be plugged in for hours, well past the midnight hour and feel that music helps them to relax while studying. But does this work? 

Now let’s look at the 4 huge benefits music can provide while studying. 


1. Brain Food

Much research has been done to show the positive effects on the brain. 

Music is supposed to activate both the left and right brain simultaneously and activate the brain cells which are relevant to our memory.

What actually happens when you listen to music?

Ok. So, you’re listening to music and studying at the same time. 

You have been listening to music for hours and you are well into your studies.

What is going on in your brain?

The fact that you are going on studying for hours while feeling energized means that the music is doing something good for you.

Firstly, it energizes your brain cells and activates the entire right and left sides.

Imagine your brain to be an engine that is cranking up. When you listen to music, the entire system is pulsing.

What this means is that your brain engine is all revved up and ready to go!

And that is not all. Your memory cells are also being ignited and you are able to recall whatever you’re studying.

2. Focus

Have you ever found it hard to focus sometimes and wished that your mind would not wander?

You just feel like yanking it back so that you can focus on your studies once again. Has that happened to you?

Well, according to scientists, music is supposed to help you focus.

What happens when you are studying and listening to music at the same time is that your mind is reading all the information while another part of your brain is feeling stimulated by the music.

You will not be able to think of other things because your brain is being highly charged.

Your focus and clarity will be sharper than before as the music accelerates your thinking.

At least, this is what scientists say.

Even if you are having doubts about this, take a look around. 

Why are so many people plugged in while studying? There has to be a reason, isn’t it?

3. Stress Alleviator

Have you had those dull moments when you were trying to study?

Who hasn’t?

Feeling rather low in spirits, feeling the blues or having had that paper with an F can certainly affect your morale.

We all need a morale booster every now and then.

And music is one of the cleanest and healthiest ways to give yourself a ‘lift.’

Yes and I’m talking about music where you can ‘jam.’

Your favourite music may be loud and blaring.

After all, you have your earplugs on haven’t you? So, no one can know. 😊

Music has been known to calm us down and affect our moods. 

Our minds are receptors, tailor-made to receive the impulses from music and feel completely carried away with it.

“Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.” I suppose it must be true because music can subdue us into feeling pleasant, highly charged or sleepy according to the genre and pace of the song.

Music can give one an uplifting feeling and help one to overcome those discordant thoughts. 

Of course, studying difficult tomes of texts can be that much easier when you are feeling this way.

4. Pain Relief

The last part I am going to dwell on is about music relieving pain.

For students, going through the exam cycle is part of their lives so finding a way to live with it is their best recourse.

Music can form a temporary ‘block’ to the more unpleasant sensations of the mind.

Imagine your mind trying to find a way to automatically filter out the good from the bad and discarding the latter.

Music does that. When you listen to your favourite song, your mind travels in directions that are not only pleasant but direct you to a different plane. And that takes care of your pain.

Music it seems, has more far-reaching impacts than we imagine.

The positive effects of music seem to go on forever but I would like to focus on just these 4 huge beneficial effects.

In case you think that music is not good for you, my little blog will force you to think again.

I hope that you will have many happy hours of studying with your favourite music to keep you company!   😊

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