Stop Procrastination – 6 Actionable Tips

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Let us face it. We have all procrastinated at some point or another.

I know that I have.

Procrastination is actually the shadow of failure.

If you procrastinate, you are actually depriving yourself of the pleasure of success. 

It slows you down and prevents you from catching those early worms!

Yes, get those worms before someone else gets them.

I’m referring to the proverb, “the early bird catches the worms.”

It simply means that you need to start early to get all the good stuff.

I have 6 actionable tips to stop this dreaded procrastination and I know that they will work wonders for you.

When you experience a breakthrough, do drop me an email which is on this website. I will be really happy to hear that it worked. It will make my day! 😊


Tip #1 – Make sure that you start early

Set yourself a time and stick to it.

You really need to have a tiny schedule list. It could be something simple.

Have some post-it notes stuck to your laptop cover for instance. Or somewhere obvious.

Write down the day and time that you wish to start. 

Even if you do not really feel like starting when the day and time arrives, wake up and look at the list. 

Try at least one thing associated with it to break the habit of procrastination.

Tip #2 – Abstain from your favourite habits

Ok, maybe you did not follow the first tip. 

Give yourself a kick if you do not follow the time that you had set.

No, of course not an actual kick. That was a metaphor. 

There are other ways of kicking yourself.

You could deprive yourself of your favourite drink or tv show. 

Or you could stop chatting on your favourite social media for a while.

Remember, you need to be strong about this or you will never be able to get past the first tip.

Be Strong!

Tip #3 – Give yourself a reward

This can only be done if you managed to stick to the time and achieved what you needed to do.

If you have managed to do the first tip, then reward yourself because you have stopped procrastination. 

Reward yourself even more if you have kicked yourself. 

It is because that was really sacrificial.

Find the time to get your favourite drink from your favourite cafe.

Pamper yourself by indulging in something. 

Go for a swim, watch a movie, eat a roti prata, or get ice cream.

Or you could go out with your best friend. Just enjoy some ramen or window shop. 

Take it easy for a bit.

Just do something that makes you feel good.

Tip #4 – Compare yourself to someone who is goal-oriented

Make sure that you choose a good role model.

Ok, this is a really good tip to stop procrastination. Set yourself a role model from the start. 

Choose someone who appeals to you. 

Most people choose role models because they imagine reaching their position at the end. 

Imagine how you want to be after you reach the goal without procrastination.

It could be something very simple.

If you had procrastinated about cleaning your room, imagine having your room as spick and span as your friend’s room or someone’s room that you saw online.

Once you imagine that, you will mentally visualize your room being cleared of all the clutter. 

Then you will start decorating it and filling it with beautiful objects. 

Then you may wish to make it comfortable and place cushions and pillows for relaxing. 

Lastly, you may wish to have an air purifier or aromatherapy burner for that peaceful, relaxed feeling.

Tip #5 – Do not set goals that are too difficult to achieve

Be realistic. I mean, do not say that you are going to memorize your entire physics book in one week.

Make it realistic. Give it a month.

IF you do not achieve unrealistic goals, it will be disheartening and prevent you from setting more goals.

Always start slow and easy. 

Do not start with difficult ideas. 

Cleaning out your room or drawer is a simple one.

You may build up your goals once you finish the easy ones.

Tip #6 – Move on to the next goal only after you finish the first one

Move towards achieving your goals in succession.

To avoid procrastination, make it easy on yourself.

We all respond well to success. Failures weigh us down.

So, make sure that the target you set is within range.

Move in succession from the easiest and simplest ones to the more difficult ones. 

Make sure that you know the direction you are headed in.

If you have a difficult goal, do not try that at first. 

Try another goal that is simpler.

Remember, procrastination can be kept at bay if you set simple tasks that you can achieve. 

Do not tire yourself.

Keep your goals simple and pace them out with time in between to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

Good luck in breaking the habit of procrastination!

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